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Supervisor console UCCX 8.5 does not show Queues

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We were facing problems with the IVR lately, which required a reboot of UCCX engine several times. after sometime its been noticed that in Voice CSQs - Team Summary window there were no queues shown when the Secondary server was up as a Master. i restarted the Secondary server's UCCX Engine and made the Primary Server Master and the queues appeared fine. Now again i m facing the same issue with the Primary Server UCCX. i can see all the services are fine, please assist how can i solve this issue.

Thank you

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The MIVR engine doesn't impact what you are seeing in CSD directly. There are a series of CAD/CSD services that must read data from the database and feed it to CSD. If memory serves, this happens through the Enterprise Data service. Restart it and see if things clear up. Be advised that I believe that CVD views this as a critical service so it may initiate a switchover when you bounce it.

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