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The routing client's lable of CUCM PG is invalidate

hello everyone ..

i test my ICM and found a problem...why if i use the cucm PG routing client for the lable then the lable can't send out the ICM...and i use the CVP PG is fine.for exemple : i use the creat the CUCM PG routing client named CM_pg ,and then i creat the network VRT is 123456789.CM_pg,and run a script the CUCM can't receive anything....



i look at some doc.

acturly i want keep the call data when agent send the call to another IVR.....

i think the following is i want....

the following context is copy form another people post....

1. Network VRU Type in ICM should be set to Type 10.

2. Transfer Label should be configured under Type 10 NVRU for *UCM Routing Client*

3. Transfer should be made to a CTI Route Point on UCM that is associated to the ICM PG User.

4. Dialed Number configured in ICM for *UCM* Routing Client, pointing to same script that routed the first leg of the call.

5. When "Send to VRU" is encountered, ICM will return Transfer Label to UCM.

6.  UCM should have Route Pattern to take this Label (make sure you have  "!" at the end, as it will have a Correlation ID appended) and send it  to CVP via whatever means you wish (direct to Trunk, Route List, etc.  depending on whether SIP or H.323)

7. CVP will then pass call to ICM, but ICM will recognize it as the same call, and call context will be maintained.

i config the step 1 2 3 4...

but when i run the script ,the sent to VRU always fail.....and the CUCM not receive anything....

follow is my script

in script,the CUCM network VRU is 111222333.CM_pg point to CUCM

and in CVP i creat a route 111222333> VXML gateway

on gateway a dial-peer will run

following is my CUCM PG


someone can tell me where i config is wrong....

why when i dial the DN run the script .. the network VRU lable can't send to CUCM...?


What error are you seeing in the Router Log Viewer? I'm curious what you're seeing for a label going down on the CM PG routing client (does it contain the appended correlation ID, and whether the UCM/Proxy knows how to route call.

Using the "Unified ICME Warm Consult Transfer/Conference to Unified CVP Feature with a Type 10 VRU" section in the CVP configuration guide as a possible reference (around about page 350).

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