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Thread count issues with CVP VXML Server 10.5

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Hi, All,


Over the past 6 months, we have been experiencing random CVP VXML server JVM thread spikes in our CVP 10.5 environment.  The threads will continue to increase and will not decrease without a stop and start of the VXML server..  Initially there are no impacts to the caller, but within 1 - 7 days the threads will increase to the point where the JVM performance is impacted and if left alone will cause an out of memory exception.  At this time, we cannot find a pattern to the increase in threads.


Here are the symptoms that we have been experiencing:

  1. Thread count spikes take many days before occurring
  2. Current thread counts can run in normal range (230 – 255) for two weeks before a spike occurs or they could spike within a day.
  3. Once a spike occurs it normally does not drop
  4. We have non-production combo boxes that spike as well.  They tend to spike higher and more often than the production combo boxes.
  5. We have multiple combo boxes in our environment and not all spike at once.  Between 1 and 3 servers spike within the same hour.  Normally the servers that spike are next to each other in the hostname numbering per physical location.
  6. When a CVP VXML server is started threads are around 150 but after one phone call they go to 230ish threads.
  7. In running some tests of our own we found that CVP custom java Voice and Decision elements run in threads whose names are http-processorN where N is a number, such as, http-processor1, http-processor51, http-processor70.  CVP is using http under the covers when calling CVP custom elements.


Has anyone else experienced or is experiencing similar issues and can provide any insight as to how to troubleshoot or resolve the issue?


Thanks for the help!

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Birendra Hansda
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Level 1

If you are creating any http or jdbc connections, ensure that you are closing them .
Methods may differ from API to API but those connections should be closed .
If you are hitting any exceptions, one should close those connections either in the "catch" segment or at "finally" as a good practice.

Birendra Hansda