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Threshold Rules on Webex Contact Center

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Level 3


Just seeing if anyone has got the Threshold rule to work on Webex Contact Center? I simply want an email notification if there are not any Agents logged in.  But I have been messing with this for a while and it simply does not seem to work for me.  Or maybe there is a better or easier way to do this?




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I haven't worked with the thresholds, but just looking at your logic, I would say you have configured the opposite.
The threshold is met, when there are more than 1 agents logged in.
So either use a "smaller than < 1" or "equal = 0"

Ah good Point, thank you, I have been messing with those and changing them, and that is just one screen shot, here is another one.  And it does not seem to work. Also you can't have 0 as an option so it will need to be less then 1 it seems. 



You might need to deactivate it and reactivate it per the first defect listed here, but the other two you will likely find of interest as well, since they also cover the 0 as an option item you mentioned.

Thank you for that info. For the first bug it seems you can't just copy an existing threshold (even if you name it something different) 


The rest do not seem to have a workaround. 

Has anyone actually got this to work?  I hate to open a case with Cisco as anything to deal with Webex Contact Center seems to take weeks to resolve. 



Have you tried to deactivate it and reactivate it?

Yes, So come to find out Agent Threshold Rules are not supported. So it will have to be a threshold of a queued call or something like that. I am setting that up now. 

Thank you for sharing that, is it documented/in a defect somewhere?

Sorry not sure, Was talking with a TAC engineer about something different and just happen to ask about this issues.