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Transfer a call and send DTMF once connected - from Finesse/ICM/Jabber


Hi everyone.

I'm trying to find the best way for an agent to transfer a call off to an external location, and then send DTMF.

Scenario is that agent will receive a call via a queue (using CVP Comprehensive flow on UCCE 11.6), but then needs to send that call off to an external system.   Manually this is easy to do, but takes a few keystrokes:  Conference, then dial external system, then once external system has answered, needs to key in 6 digits and complete the transfer.

Tried to do this via a simple ICM script, but labels have to match whatever CVP has been set up for (so if CVP is set to route 123xxx, then label from ICM script has to be between 123000 and 123999, and cannot send anything else after that - as the transfer has completed as soon as CVP has cold-transferred the call to 123xxx.
Would it be possible to achieve this via either a CVP VXML application or maybe a Finesse gadget ?   By the way the destination number would be fixed, but the DTMF to be sent afterwards would actually be the agent's (internal) Jabber extn number.

Has anyone done this and found a good solution ?

Many thanks


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I feel like I've done this 10 years ago with a custom transfer element, but it's been so long that I'm not sure. Have you tried this from the Finesse desktop using the dialpad? DID,,,1234 (jabber ext).


Hi David, and thanks for your reply.

From Finesse, I can dial out OK, but if I add a suffix with ,,123456 (for example) the call will not route.
I think I may be able to get around this within CUCM as that will do the routing, but it would mean that the agent would have to manually key this in, rather than just transfer to a script or gadget that could do the whole thing with a single button or a transfer to a script.  I could always put the DID number into a shortdial, then the user would only have to key the shortdial (e.g. **1) then wait for connect and key in their extn number.   Will config that up and see how it goes.

Hi David,


I believe we can achieve this with one of our 2RIng Gadgets - "Smart Buttons" - Features Gadgets for Cisco Finesse - 2Ring I'd be happy to jump on a quick call to discuss.


Thanks for reaching out to me Kevin, I'll contact you directly tomorrow when I have some free time - however another option has been proposed whereby we may send the calls over a private SIP trunk and therefore would send the digits within a SIP header (something I've done before), so using PSTN and DTMF digits may not be required as a long term solution.   I'll let you know when I contact you direct.   Thanks   David

My next stop would be to try this from a CVP application and see how far you get. It is possible as CVP stays pinned up on the call.


Hello David ,

I have similar requirement , when the return call made from call back server  the agent has to manually press 1 to accept the call .

is there way we can do in ICM script where the DTMF entry "1" will be entered automatically.



Marek (

I had a similar problem, with sending DTMF's to external call. The solution for me was a custom Finesse gadget where I can put DTMF's.

Here is a short doc: link  - see section:Make Call Buttons and Make Call Input Field, and here is a link to YouTube video - link  - the UI in finesse looks now better in icon version.


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