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Trunk Group Reporting not showing

Level 1
Level 1

we are using ICM 5.0 SR7 and CM 3.3(3) and IVR 3.1(2). I am trying to test the IPCC environment internally from an IP Phone.

Ii have configured a CTI Route Point with DN 2900 for the Call Center main menu script. and i have associated this DN with an ICM script with a translation route that will play an IVR script welcoming the custmer.

I am dialing the 2900 DN from a normal IP phone and hear the main menu that a normal customer would hear. This 2900 will be soon mapped to an 800 number that any customer can dial from outside.

Now when i try to test the environmen by dialing 2900 i go and check the Webview rporting for Trunk Groups (realtime and historical) and i there are no values in any report for Trunk Groups at all and it doesnt show any change in realtime while listening to the IVR menu??

What could be the solution for this knowing that i tested another already configured similar environment and the reporting shows the Trunk Group Reporting.

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Level 6
Level 6

By defaut the installation is that trunk group data will not be logged.

You have to manually change this via the rtsetting.exe tool on the Router, and change the historical and real time reporting setting for trunk group and network trunk group to get the database populating.

More details can be found in

Thanks, I got the problem solved ur right its not active by default but the problem was that in the installation of the VRU PIM you have to set the reporting and not leave it as default which is even feed.

Thanks anyways.