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UCCE 11.0 on ESXi 6.5

Hi All,


Has anyone here installed UCCE 11.0(3) on ESXi 6.5? And if so have you had any issues?



Cisco Employee


Hi Sasikumar,


I have seen that as well, but after further digging, I have found the below documentation as well:


Version 11.0 


For more information, please see Virtualization for Unified Contact Center Enterprise - Additional Information. 


ALERT! This page has been updated to reflect compatibility with the latest M5 hardware. Click here to download support for M4 and older hardware. 



Co-residency support= Limited (see notes) 

Click for "IOPS" 

Supported Versions of VMware vSphere ESXi= 5.5, 6.0 

Supported VMware Virtual Machine Hardware Version = 9 



From < 









Virtual Machine Version (vmv) 

The vmv represents the version of virtual hardware. New ESXi versions may increase the latest vmv version, but new ESXi versions support older vmv versions (see for information on compability of old vmv versions with new ESXi versions, such as this KB article for compatibility for ESXi version with vmv version). 

Cisco Collaboration apps do not require or even use most of the new features in new vmv versions (e.g. larger VMs, more virtual HW options, etc.). Cisco Collaboration apps only require vmv4 functionality, so a newer vmv is usually transparent. To date, Cisco has not discovered any issues with Collaboration apps due to a newer vmv version. 

Cisco-provided/required OVA files will be for the specific vmv version used when testing the ESXi major/minor version (e.g. OVAs for ESXi 5.x include vmv7 and vmv8). 

For customers using vSphere Client instead of vCenter, it is NOT recommended to upgrade to a newer vmv. E.g. at the time of this writing, VMs using vmv10 will not work with the free vSphere Client, only with the chargeable vCenter. 

Otherwise, unless indicated NOT to by a Cisco Collaboration app, customers are free to manually upgrade the vmv to a newer vmv supported by the ESXi version. Cisco does not produce OVA files for newer vmv versions, or test newer vmv versions since VMware indicates these are backwards compatible.  


From < 






So because vmware states their hardware versions are fully backward compatible, I dont see why I couldnt use 6.5? Have you heard of any customers using that on ESXi 6.0 or 6.5?