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UCCE 8.5 call typ and set variable


Can someone explain to me the purpose of Call type such as Call type ID also what is the purpose of a Set Variable in scripting?



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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi. About CallTypes: reporting. They are little traffic cameras, counting calls and watching them until they end in some way (picked up by an agent, abandoned in queue etc.) or they go through the next call type. It's good to insert a CallType node before sending the call to a skill group to have a realistic service level interval (so that the IVR menu length is excluded). About Set Variable: well, you can set the value of a variable (be it global or local to the call). You use variables for a number of reasons. For instance: present some useful info in the agent application. Or count the number iterations in a loop. G.

Initially Call type matches DN to trigger a script.

Subsequently , it is quiet often used in a script for reporting purpose, for a precise call classification to to analyse for  SLA's.