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UCCE CUIC: RONA in Peripheral Skill Group

Level 4
Level 4

Hi all,

RONA = The count of calls that are redirected with no answer within the skill group service level threshold in the last interval. Derived from:

Can a single call being tagged with more than 1 RONA causing the increase of Total Completed Tasks as well? 



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Sasikumar Divvela
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi JT,

Just want to understand , What you meant by Total completed Tasks-- is it calls handled in the Skill group interval table ?

BTW RONA means call is not completed , it is redirecting to another target. So there should not be any increment in the completed tasks .


Hi Sasikumar,

I was referring to the Peripheral Skill Group Historical All Fields.

COMPLETED TASKS - Total:  The total number of tasks completed by this skill group in the interval. Derived from: (Skill_Group_Interval.CallsHandled + Skill_Group_Interval.RouterCallsAbandQ + Skill_Group_Interval.AbandonRingCalls +

So if the call experienced RONA once and then only handled, wouldn't that mean Total=2, Handled=1, RONA=1?



The RedirectNoAnswer will increase the time call experience the RONA regardless of the same call or different call.

the definition you are pointing out looks more relevant for calls offered and not for completed task. 

(Skill_Group_Interval.CallsHandled + Skill_Group_Interval.RouterCallsAbandQ + Skill_Group_Interval.AbandonRingCalls +


Hi Chintan,

What do you mean by this? "The RedirectNoAnswer will increase the time all experience the RONA regardless of the same call or different call"

That definition is an extract from the reporting user guide for Peripheral Skill Group Historical All Fields - Total Completed Tasks field.



if Call experience RONA 2 times then the RedirectNoAnsCall in Interval table will be set to 2.

//That definition is an extract from the reporting user guide for Peripheral Skill Group Historical All Fields - Total Completed Tasks field.//

this is weird because i checked the report definition for Peripheral Historical All fields in CUIC and the same calculation done to count CallsOffered (which makes more sense to me).

wait, look at the screenshot below, when i checked view for the report, the total is inturn pointed calloffered field.

so somehow cisco is trying to say total completed task and CallsOffered are same, and which makes no sense to me.



Yup CallsOffered is just a representation/label for this report rather than an actual field directly from DB. In the SQL statement for this report, the definition is as below (as per documentation)

CallsOffered = SUM(ISNULL(SGI.CallsHandled,0)) + SUM(ISNULL(SGI.RouterCallsAbandQ,0)) + SUM(ISNULL(SGI.AbandonRingCalls,0))+ SUM(ISNULL(SGI.RedirectNoAnsCalls,0)),

Would you say the completed tasks should not include RONA but the call offered should include RONA? 

Yes to me ,counting multiple RONA as individual task in callsoffered completely makes sense since the call was actually offered to the agent that many times.

but counting multiple RONA as individual task in completed task is no sense ,since it's the same task and was just rerouted.

but again this is my perception and not necessary that everyone will agree.