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Have you had a chance to read

Have you had a chance to read UCCE SRND, it does a very good job explaining UCCE architecture and all of the required and optional components:

Similarly with CVP:

I think it's vital you read these docs before you attempt to build anything UCCE related as otherwise it will lead to a lot of confusion. Just my opinion. For lab purposes you can refer to "Lab Only Designs".

Thanks Chris,

Thanks Chris,

I have read all  the SRND for CCE for 11.0 and 11.5 , some component can be combined into one for non-production.

However I don't see "Lab Only Design" section , do you  the exact link for it or page ?




I would have open the pre

I would have open the pre-staging guide, virtualization guide, compatibility guide as well as the install guide, it will teach you a lot as in what you will be installing. I would learn the components of UCCE first - perhaps through the design guide so you can decide which components you need/want (of course some are mandatory, a couple aren't).

Thanks all,

Thanks all,

I got all SPRAWLER UUCE lab up and running.

Wondering if anyone know active group to study UCCE and CVP lab together ?



Did you get an active group?

Did you get an active group? I am starting off today, attending online AUCCE Bootcamp this week. I need to build my home lab

VIP Mentor



I do not have any CVP study group, I just have a Mentor in Chintan who helps me incredibly ( I am  so grateful to him). I am happy to be your lab buddy and we can work through things together.

I have a fully functional lab with a duplexed setup. I am using the following setup

UCCE 10.5, CUCM 10.5, finesse 10.5 , Cusp 9.1.4 

1. Progger ( fully duplexed)

2. Two CVP combo servers ( Call server, vxml server and media server for both side A and B

3. A single AWHDS server

4. Single finesse server

5. A single CUCM Publisher

6. A Single CUSP on vmware

7. Windows 2008 DC

My lab works quite well and once I finish with the little projects I am working on, I am planning on deploying PCCE.

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Re: Ochieng,

I can also assist you guys in most CCE setups and questions. The only piece I am still trying get into is the ECE but it doesn’t seem like you guys are doing that right now. 


Should LD you guys setup any CCE forums, please let me know and I will like to contribute.

hi folks,

hi folks,

how to get the ISO files and license to build UCCE lab here?  

do we need to be Cisco partner to buy the NFR?

will it work with C 240 M2




You get the installation

You get the installation media of UCCE components as NFR/NPS bundles.

i guess if you are cisco ATP partner than its free, but if you are direct customer then you have pay some amount for those bundles.

you can check ordering guide for more details.

hi Ayodeji,

hi Ayodeji,

have you successfully setup the CCE lab?  what server are you using ? wondering if will work with C240 M2?




Re: hi Ayodeji,

hello Ayo, I need your help building my ucce lab 


What I like to use for lab is

What I like to use for lab is (and I know it's not intended for the lab).

So what I do I book the lab for 5 days, configure it up to my needs, save.

And then whenever I need I just start it and in 15 minutes it's ready for me to use in the status how I left it.


I have been using that too,

I have been using that too, suck :) always some stuff not working or error and PCCE only.


Re: UCCE Home Lab setup- Most cost effective approach



What is the most cost efficient way for the Microsoft SQL Server Component that is needed for ICM? Is there a trial license or something like that?


Re: UCCE Home Lab setup- Most cost effective approach


I am interested to setup UCCE Sprawler Home Lab.

I would appreciate if someone provide me the link to download all components for UCCE 


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