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UCCE-LOGGER DB Historical Tables has NO data

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Level 1

I am running UCCE 8.0.3(Duplex) setup in my Lab as:
Rogger Side A
Rogger Side B
PG Side A
PG Side B

Problem Description: Logger database Historical tables has NO data at all i.e. tables like Agent_Half_Hour, Agent_SkillGroup_Half_Hour, Call_Type_Half_Hour, Skill_Group_Half_Hour etc are empty. Due to this, HDS has no data as well and CUIC reports cannot show any data in Historical reports.

Is there any UCCE config i am missing which is causing this issue? Any help/pointers will be very much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


That's normal. Information in historical tables on Loggers are being pushed on the AW/HDS/DDS server (if there's one).

In case the Logger(s) lose connection to the AW/HDS/DDS, the data is cached on Loggers but whenever the connection comes back, the information is flushed to AW/HDS/DDS again.


Hi Gergely,

                     Thanks for your response. But the problem is, No historical data exists in HDS as well.

Call types, Skill groups, Agents etc are configured in the system and some test call flows are done using the setup/config for last 20 days. But the data in HDS is also missing. HDS shows zero records for the tables that i mentioned earlier in this thread.

Not sure what's the cause of this issue. Pls let me know your comments.

Thanks & Regards


Oh, I am sorry, now I can see this was in your original post as well.

From the top of my mind: did you take a look at the _Interval tables?


Yes, _Interval tables has data.

Hi, yes, this is something I completely forgot (all our systems have been upgraded to 8.x a long time ago).

_Half_Hour tables will be no longer populated. Use _Interval tables instead.

Even the doc (I mean Database Schema Guide) says (for 8.0x):

Note: The Skill_Group_Interval Table will be populate with 30/15 minute reporting data,

depending on the Historical Reporting Interval setting for the PG. The Skill_Group_Half_Hour

Table will not be populated with this data.


Good reminder. Thanks.

Original poster - run ICMDBA and look at Space Used summary and see what historical tables DO have data then check with SQL queries.



Kris Lambrechts
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Level 1

This is one of the many little reasons why you should never query the tables directly. As a best practice query the Views in the awdb. I.e. always query against _awdb, never _hds. And query the View Agent_Interval or even Agent_Half_Hour rather than t_Agent_Half_Hour.



Thanks everyone for your input on this