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UCCE Question

We are running into an issue when replace either a phone or computer(using IPCC). When try to swap out a PC and install a new PC with a new MAC address and setup the IPCC back on the PC so the user can log into agent we get an error. We change the MAC address in Call Manager and update the UCCE user with the correct MAC address in the application user. However when the user tries to login we recieve an error about dual devices with same DN and that it isn't supported. However the Old MAC has been removed from UCCE application user and Call Manager. If we remove the old MAC for 24 hours and then the user tries to login it works fine. We are about to begin a big PC refresh and our desktop guys don't want to do half the department one day and the other half the next. What are we missing? 

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UCCE Question

I'm not sure I completely understand, but can you try the following.  Change the MAC and then restart the PG and see if you have the same error.  If you don't then there's an issue with either UCM or PG.  You might also want to post the jtapi log to see what error comes up.


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UCCE Question

I've found that when replacing phones tied to the PG application user, it is generally works to do things in this order:

  1. Remove the old phone from the application user
  2. Super Copy the old phone, creating a new phone config using the MAC of the new phone
  3. Remove the UCCE controled DN(s) from the old phone
  4. Add the new phone to the application user


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