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UCCE Queue to skill group node consider If



I have 3 skill groups I would like to route calls to based on calls in queue. 




I would like all calls to queue for Credit.General by default and only consider the other 2 skill groups if there are 3 or more calls in queue.  These are the consider if statements I have in lines 1, 2, and 3 of the queue to skill group node

1             SkillGroup.Credit.General.SG.LoggedOn>0

2             SkillGroup.Credit.Specialist.SG.LoggedOn>0&&SkillGroup.Credit.General.SG.CallsQueuedNow>3

3             SkillGroup.Credit.TeamLead.SG.LoggedOn>0&&SkillGroup.Credit.TeamLead.SG.CallsQueuedNow>3

Please let me know where I went wrong

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That's looks fine, but remember once you cross that SG node you have to go back and try to queue to any SGs which didn't meat the consider if at first. ICM doesn't keep in memory the consider if and wait for those conditions to be met, your scripting has to do that.


After the SG node it runs an external script (hold music), I have it come back to the script to make sure the call center hasn't closed with some "If" that point I should have it hit the same SG node to see the consider if statements have been met, as in 3 or more calls in queue? before continuing the hold music correct?

Don't go over the same SG node, create a new one which only have your SGs and the consider if.


I have uploaded a screen shot.  in the second Queue to SG node do I need just the 1 consider if statement, or do I need the original consider if found in the top queue to SG node also?

Depends on what you're trying to accomplish. A 1 will queue the General calls to Specialist. A consider if calls in Q for General> 3 will only queue specialist when calls in General are greater than 3. Does that make sense?


I was wondering if that is how it would work...I think I have it messed up by looking for calls queued for a specialist is >3...

The desired result is Q to General first, if there are 3 calls Q'd for General consider a specialist.

So the first Q to SG node should be General SG logged on >0

The 2nd q to SG node should have the following lines



or should it just have this?


You should not have a consider if for General, just do 1. That way calls will always queue to General. Then for Specialist do SkillGroup.Credit.General.SG.CallsQueuedNow>3


I now have a single Q to SG node. See attached.

That looks good.


It's still not working.  I attached a screenshot.  Let me know what I am missing please.

It depends on your issue and your configuration, but you might want to look at using RouterCallsQNow as the value instead of CallsQueuedNow.

By not working I mean it is not selecting a credit specialist when there are 3 or more calls in queue.  I will try making the change you mentioned.

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