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ucce scripts , hard to understand?

Manjunath G
Level 1
Level 1

iam interested to learn & getting into building multi-site script ... so far i do the basic scripting for announcement/prompting.,...etc

But when it comes scripts which requires formula manipulation , i feel iam not the mark.

Hence i need to progress & wish to get some inputs on how to understand the formule & how can i manipulate under Q nodes.

Since iam in mid of building UCCE script for CCB feature got stuck.... appreciate any inputs for exploring on scripts.



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Manjunath G
Level 1
Level 1

Like : below formula . Iam unable to understand what "+1" or "%1%" means in the formula. Really interested on how to decode it.


This forum is for CTIOS only.  Cisco DevNet does not provide support for ICM Scripting.

You might try posting in the Contact Center product Support forums here

Contact Center - Cisco Support Community

Its actually Q to dev team about the logic's involved in scripting

iam doubtful about  Support forum can be of any help in this thread

Probably I can answer your question, but has nothing to do wiht CTIOS ;-)

Your first question is about the +1:


Number of calls in Queue for this Skillgroup plus 1 (to prevent to have a 0 for futher callculation)

The second question is about the %1%:

Here I can't see it in your formula. UCCE Script editor use this in the customer formulas for the parameters. %1% is the first parameter, %2% the second one, etc.


Call customer formula: userConcatenate("First","Second")

Formula (with 2 parameters):

concatenate("1: ",%1%," 2: ",%2%)

result: "1: First 2: Second"

By the way in your formula are some "(" missplaced or missed.

regards, Matthias