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UCCE SIP Dialer, How to increase the FirstName and LastName Length

Level 1
Level 1

I am trying to setting up a campaign in the UCCE SIP Dialer. The input file contains FirstName and LastName field along with other fields. 

The data in the FirstName and LastName character is more than 10 and 20 respectively, how can I increase the DataType length since it not allowing more than 10 for FN and 20 for LN. 

I know the dialer uses this field and populates the data combined in the Finesse BABuddyName and it has max length of 101. 

Considering this factors the FN and LN in Import Rule should allow more than 10 and 20 characters. Any suggestions. 

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Omar Deen
You cannot increase it via the import rule - that's burned into the config manager. The BABuddyName being 101 characters is irrelevant. You can use a Set Variable node calling BABuddyName and fill it with info - that's where having 101 characters makes it convenient.

Hi Omar,
I meant the BABuddyName though it is set to 101 character length and can be adjusted in ICM Config Manager, it doesn't make sense to limit the FirstName and LastName for 10 and 20 characters.
Regarding setting the variable in ICM script is possible but the data of customer will be presented via input files, in this case I will end up in doing DB lookup on Logger database using account number and get the custom Field from the Logger database table.
All these changes could be reduced given enough length in the FN and LN fields of Import query. :)

Yes, as of now FirstName and LastName is restricted to 10 and 20 in contact tables, eventually gets into Dialing List table where its restricted to 50 characters. 

if we need to support 100 characters, code changes has to be done in contact table and DialingList table. which is thought through in ongoing release 12.5.