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UCCE: Switch to Different IVR System

Hi folks, one interesting requirement I have got from the customer, they want to divert the existing call on ICM to a different IVR System (probably Ericsson made) when customer pressing one particular option. The flow is like it:

Customers calling to UCCE site--->Call at ICM---> pressed a particular CED--->ICM dialing different DN--->Call leg established.

I am using ICM 7.2, CVP 3.1, CCM 4.2, any idea on this?

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Re: UCCE: Switch to Different IVR System

Check to see if your peripheral is supported, then read up on the documentation on how to integrate it.  I'm sure you will have to perform some sort of translation routing in order to maintain the call data.  Or if you're just doing some blind transfer then it should be even easier, however I don't have any experience with Ericsson.



Re: UCCE: Switch to Different IVR System

As David said, if you don't care about the data, it is easy but there are quite a few ways to accomplish it.

The easiest way is to hairpin the call through the VG. Pass the label to CUCM and have it dial the Ericsson IVR across the PSTN. Simply return the 10 digit label to CVP and get this over to CUCM through a gatekeeper rule. Now CUCM will understand to prepend 91 (or whatever is appropriate) and call the IVR.

Obviously this is not a great way, but it is a way. And it's easy to do.

If your carrier supports Take Back and Transfer (AT&T Transfer Connect *8), then you could do that - see the Config Guide how you can pass back a label like DTMF*8,,,8005551234.

If you are trying to get to the Ericsson IVR internally, then you need some gateway magic with dial peers and Egress gateways and so on. Exactly what CVP was designed to do.

How is this all connected?




Re: UCCE: Switch to Different IVR System

Thanks David for the attachment, that one seems to be useful.

Actually my problem is solved in different approach, i'm using 'Send to VRU' node and right after that used 'Label' node to send the call to VRU, then the call is negotiating from CUCM to PSTN side where another IVR is located. I know it's listening complicated, the flow is just like below:

Customer at PSTN--->CVP VRU--->ICM--->decided for new IVR by pressing particular CED--->send to VRU--->GK--->CUCM--->VGW--->dialed and connected to PSTN side IVR.

So, ultimately the call is connected like below:

Customer at PSTN---->UCCE site IVR--->Remote site IVR

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