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UCCE Upgrade and Migration from 9.0 to 11.6


Hello , 

My Customer is running on UCCE version 9.0 and wants to upgrade the UCCE to version 11.6 and migrate to new hardware , I'm wondering if any can help in how the processure must be exzatlty to do this , there is a lot of documents on internet but I want to make sure about the steps to follow in order ,, from which server to start and upgrade os and sql then migrate data.. or new installtion ..etc .




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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

It's a tech refresh upgrade/migration for which you need to prepare by reading all of the release notes, upgrade guides and compatibility matrices. Depending on your size and components, including 3rd party applications (call recording, WFO, reporting, databases, etc.) you may want to do this in phases, as windows based applications will need to go to newer Windows and SQL versions. The way I usually see these go is component by component, so you build out new environment in parallel on new hardware with new IP/hostnames, perform migrations such as Logger EDMT, registry updates, and start migrating component by component, i.e. CVP, central controller/CUIC/etc/Finesse, PGs (depending on how many you have 1 or more cut windows), CUCM. If your environment is small you might be able to do everything in one window with carful planning.

Obviously there are other considerations, i.e. do you have SCCP dialer that needs to be converted to SIP, running agents on CTI OS/CAD that need to be moved to Finesse, Licensing, etc. You may also require the upgrade to be blessed by Cisco via A2Q process for which you will want to rely on Cisco authorized partner.

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