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UCCX 11.6.2 Do Not Upgrade to this Version

We went from migration version 10.6 to 11.6.2 and the new version cannot handle the load.  Daily occurances of having to restart services agents and supervisors lose Live Data connection.  Several TAC cases later Cisco only sites that we have too many configured supervisors and too many agents on teams.  We are instructed to build our business around the product, not the other way around.  We have a couple of 24x7 teams so building a team based on shifts is a bit ridiculous, but the cpu on the VM pegs to 100% where it affects everything.  The UCCX product is no longer a viable product for medium sized customers. We are reviewing whether version 12 performs any better and also looking at outsourcing.  None of these issues came with CAD or even version 10.6 on Finesse, but the newer better version can not handle it.


Hi David,

What we are trying to figure out is why does it matter how many are configured, rather than how many are concurrent?

We know that this shows active client connections:

admin:show uccx livedata connections

Server Status: Active
Client Count: 191 (polling: 0)
Command successful.

But how do you measure: "Maximum number of concurrent supervisors" which is in the SRND ?

And this in the SRND: "Maximum number of agents in a team" is that concurrent?

And this in the SRND: "Maximum number of supervisors in a team" is that concurrent? Which would make sense if you run three shifts, so we can gauge that we are over configured, but know that we are not concurrent and cannot measure that.....

So our Cisco business unit is saying it is configured and we are calling BS on that.......


Socket.IO Process dumps hprof and crashes intermittently CSCvp85296
Defect for tracking improvements to the Socket.IO process

Socket IO dumps memory and LD goes unavailable on agents finesse desktop with error message
"Live data not available after repeated attempts"

Higher number LD clients subscribing to socket IO.

Refresh browser or restart socket IO service.
Known Affected Releases:

Thank you for sharing this, I'm glad you shared the defect. Is Ciso saying that this happens because you are closer to 400 agents and we should assume that this will happen to other customers who are on the larger side?



They pointed directly at our config not matching SRND specifications, too many supervisors configured per team or too many agents on a team...., all worked fine previous to ver 11.6...  So we began very much changing our config., with no reduction of cpu spiking and/or crash.  So continued pushing and Cisco bu built lab with 300+ agents, and duplicated the issue.  The crux of problem is that if UCCX 11.6.2 config is ever out of spec., issue occurs, but moving config back into spec does not fix it.....

Wow and thanks that was super helpful. Glad Cisco went the extra mile to validate your setup.



Would you know why this command 

admin:show uccx livedata connections

Never matches the license utilization report in CUIC? 

Hello - did Cisco ever find a solution to this? I have the same problem as well. Our UCCX reboots randomly every few days due to high CPU usages. Even at 3 AM our cpu is at 70-80% usages, with no agent logged in and no backup running either. 


Even though I have fewer agents per team, but we do have about 6 supervisors per team. Everytime I have a Cisco case - engineers keeps saying they can't find anything wrong. they keep suggesting we upgrade to newer version.


Has anyone upgraded to 12.x? If yes, have they experienced similar issues? Does the newer version take care of the issues?



I do believe, that Cisco TAC provided you a lot of recommendations, that has to be followed. We can't make you to follow them, but we share that according to the best practices and according to the architecture.

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