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UCCX 12.0 with MediaSense


Hi, we currently plan to migrate all our uccx's 11.6.1 to version 12.0. But we steel using the mediasense for call recording with the supervisor's access only to their teams. Voice records through the mediasense widget on Finesse desktop. I know that mediasense configuration and support removed from the 12.0 version (System --> Recording Configuration does not exist anymore), but widget config in the Finesse 12.0 still available. Moreover, the mediasense successful records the calls (because of BIB feature on CUCM) but without MSAgentInfoGadget information passing to the MediaSense (i am assuming because of luck on authentication). Also, I notice that appadmin/jsp/protected/recording_configuration.jsp is present in the Tomcat and only URL removed from the main menu.

Is any method to configure the call recording to the mediasense with the AgentInfo? In another case, we will need to install the dedicated MediaSense server for every team to split the access. And BTW MediaSense grate product that seamlessly integrates into the UCCX and my personal opinion Cisco made mistake to discontinued such good product.



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Mediasense unfrotunately isn't support with UCCX nor UCCE version 12. Here's the link about that in the UCCX release notes.

There are other people in the same situation as far as MediaSense not being supported.

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Hi, i understand that CCX integration with Mediasense will be lost on V12.  I'm ok with losing the Finesse gadgets and CCX tags on the recordings.  What about a standalone recording function? 


Would Mediasense still record CUCM only calls, or would it still catch those routing via Finesse?

As soon as CUCM will send Invite to MediaSense and it will accept it, recording will work.

Nothing to deal with UCCX here....
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