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UCCX 12.5 agent is set to talking even when call ends



I have two agents that after they end a call it still says talking with reason code 32760. It puts them in not ready state not wrap up mode.  They use jabber to receive calls.  In order to fix the issue they need to log off from cisco finesse and log back in. We have uccx 12.5.  It doesn't happen to all agents just those two. Any suggestions why this happening on how to fix it?




It was the same defect as mentioned above.  This affects UCCX 12.5.  I do not know if CCE was impacted. I referenced this bug, CSCvo90707, along with submitting agent detail reports.  The TAC rep did confirm that we were hitting this bug.


Unfortunately, this bug still isn't published to the general public.  I referenced this bug along with submitting agent detail reports.


Unfortunately, turning off the suspend idle tabs settings in the various browsers hasn't worked for us.  Anyone have any luck with this issue?  Or are we all just waiting to see if CSCvo90707 will resolve the issue. 

We have had the most success using Edge, it seems that newer version of FireFox and Chrome have removed the ability to remove adjust tab suspension settings.  Additionally any time there is an update to Edge, the idle tab suspension is enabled and needs to be removed.

Yes, you never know what changes are going to be made to the browsers that will affect this.  We have run into that with other Finesse issues.  A browser update adds or removes a feature that breaks something.  Maybe there is a setting you can change to fix it or use another browser.  Then, a new update comes along that resets the setting. A tireless cycle. For that reason, I would recommend going through Cisco TAC to get this fixed on the server side.  Stop the cycle.

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