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Clifford McGlamry
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UCCX 12.5 call transfer problem

Customer has a script that answers the phone, reads an XML file, and then transfers the call to one of several numbers depending on the contents of the XML file.  This works...most of the time.


Customer's environment is configured such that *XXXX is sent to the Unity Connection system (i.e. straight to voicemail).  The UCCX script can transfer calls to voicemail boxes with no problem.


However, if the UCCX script sends the call to a call handler, which then (without playing any prompt) immediately transfers the call based on the calendar schedule, the script fails.  I've tried using call consult transfer and call redirect.  I cannot understand why this is failing.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


I ran into a call transfer issue the other day on 12.5, what is your radio button set for on the Call Redirect step, for the Called Address?  Reset To or Preserve?

I had to change the option to Preserve to get the call to transfer to an external number and I have not had to do that in previous versions of UCCX.

This was so long ago, I have forgotten what I ended up doing.  
With external transfers, looking at the traces on the gateway to see what's actually hitting it usually reveals the issue.  The telco generally isn't going to accept a call if it doesn't have a valid ANI.  So if you call control group doesn't have an external phone number mask set, external transfers will usually fail if nothing else is setting the ANI.  

Hi there, 

are you trying to transfer from CCX to an external number or from a Unity connection? in both cases, as the others mentioned if your carrier doesn't support the type 5 / CLI passthrough mechanism, you should send a valid CLID (DDI allocated to your company or some carriers may send it as billable DDI). 


If the issue transferring from the unity connection, please check the unity is configured to send the call to external numbers (Class of service, call action Transfer to Alternate Contact Number) and the proper partition and CSS in the call manager. 



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