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UCCX 5 - Emergency Record Script

Justin Brenton


I'm currently working on a script that allows agents to login to a script to change 2 identical emergency prompts that are located in the en\BSC\ and fr\BSC folders but currently the script is only uploading 1 file and this 1 file is going to the wrong folder.  The 1 file that do update is currently being placed in the en folder instead of en\BSC.

Can someone assist with having this script copy the new prompt file to the \en\BSC and fr\BSC folder?

Thank you,


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Graham Old
Rising star
Rising star

I don't have a CCX5 lab up anymore but I would try changing the Motd to just have the directory and file name. Drop the [P].



Hi Graham,

Thanks for your response. I have corrected this and this part is now working but unfortunately this script is not uploading the file to the 2 locations BSC\en and BSC\fr.  I have 2 upload steps (1 for each language) and it seems to skip the second upload prompt step.

I was thinking I may just add a goto record2 label for the second upload prompt step after the first upload completes

Your thoughts?

If you step through your script is it hitting the Successful branch of both "Upload Prompt" steps.

Is the L[fr] the correct way to define French. Login to appadmin and goto applications/prompt managment. Do you have a folder called fr


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