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UCCX 7 Prompt Recorder Upload Prompt Step


Can anyone please share how to make the upload prompt step work? I'm using a script that worked fine in ver. 4, but doesn't want to work in 7. I authenticate user fine but go unsuccessful in the upload step. Please attach working script with variables if possible!

Thanks much!

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You need to have run the Authenticate User step prior to the Upload Prompt step. I don't think it matters when but I had it as the preceding step to my only Upload Prompt step

What I found not documented well was that User name MUST be a valid LDAP user against whom you use the valid LDAP password. You can also validate with a Pin but I couldn't get that to work

I do not have an example readily available as I'm at home

Refer to Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Scripting and Development Series: Volume 2 April 2009

The Authenticate User step is required in a script before you can use the Upload Prompt, Upload Grammar, or Upload Document step in that script. Only an authenticated user can upload a prompt, grammar, or document

Thanks for your reply! I got a prompt recorder script from a Global Knowledge instructor for version 5 UCCX and it works. It has "get user" then "authenticate user" steps just before "upload prompt". It does validate against CUCM user db. Thanks!

Hi mwheinz,

Could I impose upon you to upload the 4.x script? We're still on 4.x and this would be very, very helpful.

Best Regards,


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