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UCCX 7 to 8.5 Upgrade

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Hi CCX Experts,

I have a UCXX upgrade soon from 7.0.2 SR5 to 8.1.5.

Done below Task-

Ordered upgrade licenses.

Took Appl. Backup.

Have the PUT Backup from CCX 7.1,

My CUCM is 8.5.1.

My question is,

As we have Primary and Secondary CCX 7.X Servers, can i do CCX 8.5 upgrade on the secondary, and make that as the CCX 8.5 Primary upload the licenses, restore the PUT Backup and later add the old primary server as CCX 8.5 secondary?



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Hi John,

The way you can achieve this is as follows,

--remove the second node from the cluster of 7.x

--run the put backup took on the standalone node

--install the uccx 8.5 on the second node with the same IP addressa and hostname as the existing 7.x node ( thisi s very important , becasue for you to be able to restore from the PUT backup you need to have same IP and hostname)

--restore the PUT backup to the new 8.5 ( old secondary server)

--no you will have two servers, on with the 7.x and one with 8.5 but same IP, so you may need to figure out the networkingpart as there will be two servers with same IP)

-the you can rebuild the current primary on 7.x as 8.5 secondary.

I think you are asking so that you have minum downtime but if you want to use the PUT restore you will need to have a downtime.

Thank you


Thanks Rajani,

If you remove the current secondary(7.X) from the cluser and taking PUT from the current Primary(7.X), will it make a problem when i try to add the 8.5 secondary?

Basically when we taking PUT from 7.X, both the servers should be funtional right?

My concern is not the downtime, incase upgrading on the primary server  fails , So to be in safe side my plan was,

--Procure the Upgrade license 7.0.2 to 8.5 license.(MAC of 7.X Secondary)

--Taking PUT from UCCX 7.XCluster.

--Shutdown the UCCX 7.X Primary server.(Maintanence window)

--Upgrade UCCX 7.X to 8.5 in Secondary server with same IP Adds and Hostname(Primary) Restore with PUT.

--Test the funtionality.

--Add the old primary as 8.5 Secondary.

Please advice if any changed required on the above.




You mentioned that your current UCCX is 701SR5 and CUCM is 851. My understanding is that these two are not compatible. Have you made these two working together? From compatibility matrix, UCCX 701SR5 works with CUCM up to 715bSU3.



Correct, Its not compatable.

We have our new system ready with 8.5.1 SU2, Currently the CUCM is 7.1.5 and CCX is 7.0.2SR5, we will connect the new CUCM 8.5 system to the network prior to the CCX 8.5 Upgrade.



Thanks John for clear it up.

I assume your new CUCM 851 was upgraded from your existing CUCM715 with the same Server name and IP address. It also has the same AXL/JTAPI/RmCm username/password as CUCM 715. Otherwise the restore from PUT backup would fail.

I have tested upgrade from UCCX 701SR5 to UCCX 802, and here is what I found:

1. It is not necessary for UCCX 802 servers to have the same server names and IP addresses

2. Restore only happens on UCCX 802 first node. After everything working, you add a second node to the cluster

3. Scripts for UCCX 701 may not work for UCCX 802 because the change of file structure.

4. Need to double check your upgrade license provided by Cisco for this upgrade. Eventually we have to get license for Fresh install of UCCX 802. Upgrade license gave some problems.


Thanks Wenqian,

I would like to know , do the Scripts and Prompts will be uploaded by itself with the PUT Restore to the new CCX 8.5? Or do we need to do this manually?

About license i have the Fresh Lic(HA) from Cisco, which will work for the upgrade also, as per Cisco.




In my test:

Scripts are uploaded.

Prompts are uploaded

All Documents like Holiday files are uploaded.

Our IVR and ACD scripts are working straight away.

Script to record new prompt does not work. This was because our UCCX 7 Prompt Recorder script write a copy to local Disk. Removed that step and it then worked as required.

Script to change mode requires to change some documents, and it did not work. A small change was needed to make it work again.

Wallboard for team stats not working. Need to change authentication method as well as sql queries.

Some configurations from UCCX 7 Cisco Desktop Administrator were lost

Big challenge was to upgrade all CAD/CSD/HR on client PCs. You may need to develop a Desktop script to automatically uninstall Uccx 7 applications and install applications as well as Service Release for UCCX 8.5.

This application change on client PCs need to be reversed if the upgrade fails and backout is required.

In your case, it is a big job to change CUCM to 8.5 and UCCX upgrade.

Good Luck



We have already done the upgrade for CUCM 8.5 and switch back to 7.1.5, PUT was taken already.

Now before the upgrade for CCX 8.5 we will switch to the CUCM 8.5.

You mentioned Prompts and Scripts were uploaded, did you manually done that, or PUT will do the upload when we Restore?

For the agents, since we have only few users, planning to uninstall the current agent and install the new version on Agent PC's.




Prompts and scripts are uploaded automatically via PUT restore.


I just want to verify that I can change the server IP and hostname when migrating from UCCX 7 to UCCX 8.5

The directions dont seem to mention if this is actually required or not.

I can see that if we change the IP address / hostname than the client auto-update wouldn't work

If you are using the PUT tool you MUST use the same IP Address and Hostname for it to work after the upgrade.

I had a chance to test this it seems to work when you change the IP address and host name.

I built test UCCX 8.5 server in vmware with different IP address and hostname from the UCCX 7.x serer.

imported the PUT, got a temp license from Cisco and it all came up

After I synced the JTAPI version and restarted the engine.  Everything came up and registered

I was able to dial into my prompt recording script and perform other functions.

It all "appears" to work. I haven't given it a total test yet.

In all the directions for the PUT I don't see any reference that the target UCCX 8.x server needed to be the same name and IP address , I assumed it needed to be that was as well.

Now I kwow that the CAD auto update wont work since I changed the IP and hostname.

what if we pushed out new registry keys with the updated IP/Hostname. Think it would work ?

Since you are running >8.x then rerun the client config tool under tools > plugins

After you do this, redownload CAD from tools > plugins and it should be updated with the correct IP information.


     I hope  everyone is doing well. I think this is the best topic here to get my answers asap regarding the UCCX upgrade.

I have a UCCX upgrade soon from UCCX 7.0.1 SR5 to UCCX 8.5SU2 and CUCM 7.1.3 to 8.5. My concerns is that can it be possible to install a fresh UCCX 8.5 with manual configuration and upgrade the UCCX in a following steps below:

Remove the second node from the cluster of UCCX 7.x

Upgrade CUCM one node to 8.5

Install the removed second node with UCCX 8.5 and make it primary..

Apply new configuration with CUCM 8.5.

Primary node running 7.x will continue running with CUCM subscriber node 7.1.3.

Configure everything including scripts etc and test. If it works fine then install the 7.x other node. Add in UCCX 8.5 cluster and do the installation?

Is it possible with the upgrade license or I need to follow some other steps?
Please provide expert opinion on this and better steps to accomplish this or correct the above mentioned steps. Thanks