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Brian Gorham

UCCX 8.0.2 Queue Call being presented while the agent is on another call

Is there a way to have the UCCX server not present to a queue call to an agent that is on another call that is not their primary IPCC extension?  I know that they could go to the not ready status prior, but I am looking to an automated process.

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Well, there's nothing easy and out of the box, but if you really wanted to, you could:

A) Write your own CAD client that does consider that

B) Write a CTI application that listened for phone events, and set CAD state accordingly

Neither one seems worth the effort.  You could just educate the users, or get rid of the other line.  i.e., condense the ACD line and personal into one line.


CCX designed  to mantain ACD extensions calls only , its not a ware of non ACD extension.
however , in CCX 8.5 , CAD start support displaying / controlling non-ACD line's call from CAD for phones with multiple lines configured , even when you answer the non-ACD line call from the CAD , you will still in the previous state till change it manually  .

Could you please calrify your statement?  It sounds like you are saying that CAD will change the Agent's state based on the line state of non-ACD lines on the phone.  Which I don't believe to be true.  Since UCCX 8.0, it will monitor and report on non-ACD lines, but not change the Agent state.  e.g., Agent goes off hook on personal line while in Ready state, and CAD stays Ready.

The SRND for 8.5 states:

Multiple Lines Support

Cisco Unified CCX provides multiple line support using the 6900/7900/8900/9900 series phones as

agent devices. The Join Across Line (JAL) and Direct Transfer Across Line (DTAL) operations are

supported on the 7900/8900/9900 series phones. Up to 4 lines are monitored by Cisco Unified CCX,

these include 1 ACD line and 3 non-ACD lines but only the ACD line can be controlled from the agent

desktop. The agent state depends only on the ACD line on the agent's device.

Cisco Unified CCX allows more than four lines to be configured on the agent device but monitors only

the first four lines provided these lines are not shared. The ACD line should be among the first four lines.

The Agent can perform JAL and DTAL operations for the ACD call only by using the monitored lines.

Calls on the non-ACD lines can be displayed on Cisco Agent Desktop. Supervisors can also monitor,

record, intercept and barge-in on all calls or only ACD calls, depending on configuration.

Side note, wow, the forum post box is a pain to deal with. Notice the double quoted area with the title in one and the body in another.  sheesh!

even if non-ACD line calls is aswered from the CAD (if you are on CCX 8.5) , the agent state will not change .

in other words (you have to manually go to not ready state if you need agents to not receive calls from CSQ while talkiing usign non-ACD line )

let me know if more clarification needed . thanks - haitham 

That clarifies it better.  In your previous comment, it reads, to me, like you are saying in 8.5 it will change your state based on non-ACD activity.  Thanks.

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