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UCCX 8.0.2 SU3 CAD Shared Line Support

Does uccx 8.x have any plans to support shared lines with CAD agents.  Some of our agents used extension mobility in pre 8.x versions to move around periodically to cover lunch hours at our walk in station.  The only solution that I've come across is to create an extension mobility profile for the agents ACD extention.  It seems cumbersome for and agent to login via extension mobility everyday at their desk when they only need to move from their desk maybe once a week to cover someone else's area.

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Re: UCCX 8.0.2 SU3 CAD Shared Line Support


Share lines have never been support in UCCX, if you check the release notes of the old versions, like 5 or 7 you will notice that under the unsuppoted configurations for the agents phone share lines of the IPCC extension is listed. What happens is that now on UCCX 8 the CAD software check if there is any sharelines before login the agent.

As you mentioned the best way to around it will be using extension mobility.


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UCCX 8.0.2 SU3 CAD Shared Line Support

We have agents who use EM for similar reasons as your own. Our Device Profiles mirror the physical phone, same extension and same Agent extension on both. Our users only use EM when they have to sit at another workstation. No daily logging in/out at their normal desk.

To get around the shared line error when logging in to another workstation/phone we have the Agent login to CAD before they login to the phone.

Seems wierd but it works.


UCCX 8.0.2 SU3 CAD Shared Line Support

I know this is old , but just found your reply and you are spot on man. We have supervisors that have a desk and want to login to EM at another desk and were getting the error that a shared line is not supported. I had them try this and it works like a charm, thanks for posting it. tried to give you 5 stars but it only let me give you 4, but worth the 5. thanks.

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