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UCCX 8.0 - how to delete recordings


I have some issues with UCCX 8. I have created a workflow that records all incoming calls to the agents. To get them, I use the sftp on a storage server. But the problem is that the recordings are not deleted from the UCCX server. So the agents get the "disk full"message after a while and the recording stops working.

I can see that the "uccxrecording" user has no rights to delete the files from the server.

How can I manually delete them? I need to avoid the disk full situation.

Any idea?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Cornel,

With UCCX 8.x the maximum limit for recording is 2.6 Gig, As a result it is not recommended to record each and every call.

By default the recordings are stored in the folder "/common/cisco/uccx/rshell/recording" which can be accessed only by root credentials.

TAC can temporarily provide you root credentials if needed



You may want to take a look at the Cisco Workforce Optimization System Configuration Guide Release 1.5, specifically the Compliance Recording Users license/section. CAD/CSD-based recordings were never intended to serve the purpose you are using them for as anubhati pointed out. Cisco WFO MR on the other hand is intended for this purpose. Compliance Recording user licenses provide the cheapest option because there is no Quality Management functionality for these users, just call recording.

CISCO EMPLOYEES/PARTNERS: I have opened a new thread to discuss this issue further:

Thanks for the reply.

So the recordings are deleted automatically after 7 days by the system right? Is there a way to force the delete process more often?

I need to find a woraround to this issue until I will get some other recording solution.

In addition, the system is an upgrade from version 4 that had no limitation in this matter. You could copy and delete the recordings any time. This is not a strong point for version 8 .


Hello Cornel,

You can log into the UCCX box via SSH and try the command:

admin:show uccx recordings space

It will show the number of files and total size of the recordings.

To purge the recordings,use this:

admin:utils uccx recordings purge X

where X is the space to be freed up in MB.



I got burned by this as well.  Our folks are deleting the recordings from the supervisor every night until we get the Compliance Recording soft

ware installed.  What a pain.


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