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UCCX 8.02 Agents bouncing in and out of queues

Newly upgrade from 7.01to 8.02, then added and additional 50 agents with five new queues - at one new location all agents consistently bounce in and out of supervisor desktop. All PC's are running XP with all the latest service packs installed.  I've removed and reconfigured the agent ensuring his setting were correct but still having the bouncing problem - thanks for any and all input.

Jim Augherton

Voice Engineer II

Florida State College Jacksonvlle


Re: UCCX 8.02 Agents bouncing in and out of queues

Hi Jim

My understanding is that your CAD agents and Supervisor is getting logged out and then logging back in as part of the built in recovery process.

I assume that the Call Manager and UCCX isn't local to these users but let me know.

You want to firstly check the agent/supervisor logs on the users desktop even at the default error level you will beable to determine why.

The logs will be under the installation path C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\Log\Supervisor.ini

Suspicion would be some sort of a network issue with the software missing heart beats.

If you like try testing with a basic windows xp machine with just the software and see if that provides a different result.


Re: UCCX 8.02 Agents bouncing in and out of queues

Hi Jim,

This behaviour could be caused by AV or firewall software on the agent/supervisor PCs.

This thread discusses the issue.


Re: UCCX 8.02 Agents bouncing in and out of queues

Thanks for the info, we're running Sophos AV, this only happening at few stations, really can't find the problem, though it was FW, but I'll try setting up the ports as well.

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