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UCCX 8.5(1) Agent state for Outbound dialer is incorrect under CSD

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Level 1

Hi,  UCCX 8.5(1) Single node  Customer Contact Centre is purely Outbound using Direct Preview.  On Supervisor Desktop in the Agent Team State Real Time data it only shows Agents as being Not Ready, Ready but it is not showing the status of "Talking".  An Agent could be on a phone call (delivered from the queue) and yet the Agent state in the Agent Team State Real Time view in Supervisor Desktop is Not Ready.  It is showing Agents as Not Ready for 1.5 or 2 hours in duration, when in fact they are taking calls from the queue.  I am not sure if this a limitation with UCCX or just a software caveat, could somebody comment on this?  Any insight on this would be appreciated.  Thanks, Yavuz

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When you are using the direct preview outbound dialer, it is ok that your agents are shown as not ready in the Supervisor Desktop, because the agent's phone is the one dialing the customer phone number. Just the same way when an agent dials digit by digit X number. The not ready state that you are showing in your attachment is a default not ready state (ring no answer) this is telling you that the agent didn't answer an incoming acd call and the uccx server place the agent in not ready state.