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UCCX 8.5.1 Position in Queue Prompt

We are going to start using Postion In Queue for one of our call centers but I am having a hard time getting some info.  Things I am looking for are:

- what exactly does the cisco prompt say?  Just the number in queue?

- Do we have to record a prompt for any part of the position in queue message?

Thanks for any info you can offer!

Cisco Employee

The first thing you'll need to do, is learn how to grab the PIQ metric in the script.

For that, you will need three things:

  1. An integer variable to hold the value in
  2. The Get Reporting Statistics step to get the metric for PIQ
  3. A Set step to normalize the metric, just in case it's under or over acceptable values.  Nothing's worse than telling the caller that they are -1 in line!

Example on the set step:

Set callers_piq = (callers_piq < 1 || callers_piq > 10) ? 10 : callers_piq

This will take -1, 0, 11, 12, etc. and turn it into 10.  This basic strategy let's you play the PIQ to the callers who wouldn't mind knowing that they are close to being handled, and then for everyone else, it will play a generic 10th position message.

If that doesn't make sense, thing about it like this: if the metric comes back less than 1, then there was an error in retrieving the metric (yes, it happens) and you do not actually know their PIQ, so just make something up and tell them "there are several callers ahead of you" or something like that.  And if the the metric comes back higher than 10, like say 17!  Then why would you tell them that?  They would probably hangup, even though they might not even wait 2 more minutes to speak to someone?  Just tell them the same as the failed metric "there are several callers ahead of you."  Or you might choose to not say anything at al.  Which brings me to...

The second thing you'll need to do, is decide on how you would like to play the information back to the caller.

Now, you could simply play the number to them, but that would be confusing and weird.

But if you wanted to, it would look like this:  (assuming callers_piq is the variable holding the value):

Play Prompt (--Triggering Contact--, N[callers_piq])

No, what you might prefer is to preface the number with a custom prompt such as: "Your postition in the queue is..."  and then play the number to the caller.  The preface will be in your voice talent's voice, and the number will be a system message.

That would look like this: (assuming your_piq_is is the variable holding the custom prompt):

Play Prompt (--Triggering Contact--, your_piq_is + N[callers_piq])

If that bothers you, and you wish for the entire message to be played by a singular voice, then you'll need to create a handfull of prompts:

I prefer something alittle more dynamic and human.


"You are next in the queue"

"There is one caller ahead of you"

"You are the third caller in the queue"

Then you'll also want to decide on what your lower and upper limites are.  for example, would you want to create 32 prompts all the way to: "There are 31 callers ahead of you".  I would think not.  So once you have that limit, you'll need to use the switch step to conditionally play each message based on the value of PIQ.


switch (piq)

     case 1:

          play prompt (you are next)

     case 2

          play prompt (one caller in front)



          play prompt (there is a short wait ahead, we appreciate your patience)

Hope that helps.  Post back with any questions after you have given it a go.

Happy scripting!

Anthony Holloway

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EDIT: Added some more examples.


Thanks for the info!  I will give this a try and reply back if something comes up.


Hi Anthony- sorry to post on this old thread

I have been using the PIQ in my script for a while and it works really well if there are between 1-9 callers waiting.

How would I configure the script to play a generic message if there are 0 or more than 10 callers in the queue?


Starting a new thread would be better, but, it's not required, so, no harm done!

Could you post a screenshot of the logic you have today that plays your 1-9?


Thanks for your help :)

I've attached the queue loop im currently using.


Hi Anthony,

Sorry to bother you again mate, don't suppose you had a chance to look at my script. just trying to work out how I can play a generic message if there are 0 or more than 10 callers in the queue.

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