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UCCX 8.5.1SU2 Script Editor Issue


We recently upgraded from UCCX PRE 7.0.1SR5 to UCCX PRE 8.5.1SU2. I have multiple scripts that have been running for years with no issues. I am creating a new basic script and trying to debug it to make sure that it is correct. I finding this strange behaviour. On the Play Step, I am using a user defined prompt "P[CallCenter\allagentsbusy.wav]", this script will load in UCCX and you can call the trigger, and hear the prompt play, however you can't debug the script. It doesn't trigger the reactive debug.

If I create a prompt variable and define the varilable as a user defined prompt "P[CallCenter\allagentsbusy.wav]", the script will debug. I contacted TAC about this and I get the TAC doesn't support customizied scripts.

As a test I took the basic queueing template, modified the Play Step to a userdefined prompt, the script will not debug. I changed it back to the prompt variable, it will debug.

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What you need to do is play harder with TAC.

Supply them the most basic script you possibly can, to prove that the problem is the step and not your scripting ability.  It's true that you can't expect them to support 'custom scripts' i.e. not debug your dodgy code for you, but they try to use this too often as a get out of jail card.

If you can replicate the problem with a script like so:


play prompt P[CallCenter\allagentsbusy.wav]"



Then they can't really argue. The fact that the script compiles and runs should be enough for them to accept it's not a script problem.


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Thanks for the idea. I created a basic script, as you suggested above, the script debugged with no problem. So I took one of my current scripts that is not debugging and went to each of the Play steps, reapplied the user promot, saved and uploaded the script and now it will debug. It appears that some pointer during the upgrade is not functioning correctly after the upgrade, so reapplying the user prompt to the Play step, seems to solve the issue. I have lots of scripts to modify.

Thanks for your help.


Glad you have it fixed.. or are at least on the way!

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Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!
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