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UCCX 8.5 Data Source Problem


I am trying to read and write information in db_cra database through CCX Editor but I can not see the data source. I was trying to add a datasource to see the db_cra database but the test connection always is failure, I do not see any message about de error so, I do not what can be the problem. I show you a picture of how I am configuring de datasource.

Datasource Error.JPG

Someone can help me to solve this problem please.

Ok, I understand that I can read or write un db_cra, but I have to see de db_cra like a datasource rigth ?


This is not supported. For starters none of the accounts you have access to are given write access in Informx. Additionally, the product documentation limits ODBC access of db_cra to Crystal report design/development purposes only. The only supported real-time query of the database through ODBC are for wallboard applications. Those applications are limited to only two tables.

You can use the Get ACD Statistic step to retrieve some information in your script.

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Hi Jonathan.

Ok, I understand that I can read or write in db_cra, but I have to see de db_cra like a datasource rigth, or I can see it like a datasource ?

Thanks for your help.

You cannot add db_cra as a datasource; at least not without becoming unsupported. Informx isn't even a supported database in the compatibility matrix. The only route I can even imagine this working in would be a custom Java class or using an off-box web service that serves as a middleware. Building either of those are well beyond the scope of my knowledge though.

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Graham Old
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You have the wrong user name. There are two fixed user names that can read the ccx database and you must set their passwords in Tools/Password management.

The Wallbaord User is "uccxwallboard" and has limited access to some tables. The historical reporting user is "uccxhruser" and has read access to all the tables from 8.0(2) SR2.

As Jonathan says there is no write access to any of the database.

Beware that database access to the active CCX server can impose very high CPU loads and can affect call processing.


Hello Graham,

I change de user to uccxhruser and like I do not know the password I changed the password but the problem still existing. I used other obdc connector and it do not work.

The uccx in the version 8.5.1 ans it is virtualized it a ucs with redhat 4.0, do you have other idea that help to solve this problem ?

Thans for your help.



Dear All,

We are also getting DSN error. Our requirement is as under:

> We have to use DB Write component to log IVR related data in custom created tables.

In my previous experience with UCCX 6.5/7, on Windows 2000 server and SQL Server, I easily created DSN (using App Admin) that was then available in DB Tools of CRS Editor.

Kindly help, with UCCX 8.5.1 on Linux and Informix Server, how can I use DB Write tool to use SQL Insert Command.

Kindly note that we have created custom Tables successfully.

Your prompt reply will help us to go forward.


Kashif Surhio

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