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UCCX 8 File System Access

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Level 1

The Cisco documentation has a reference to a single place where custom files may be accessed within the UCCX 8.0 environment.  I believe this is /opt/cisco/uccx/Customer on the file system.  I have yet been able to write a file to this location, does anyone know how to do this?  Please note that I have uploaded files through the app admin gui and don't see these files in this location for use by a custom .JAR file.  I have a third party jar file that requires a license key that needs to reside on a file system that is then referenced by a property that represents a directory where this file is located.  Hence, I need the fully qualified file path, and how to get the file there.

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

The directory is only accessible via the CLI. The Tomcat-based GUIs do not provide an interface to this directory. Also note that this directory is not replicated between HA nodes, backed up, or otherwise maintained; it was meant as a swap space for scripts. The problem with the CLI is there is no command to upload files via SFTP, only download (file uccx get custom_file).

My suggestion would be to open a TAC case and have the engineer submit a question to the PM mailer for CCX asking: a) what the filesystem path for the document repository is; and, b) if custom Java classes have access to that directory during runtime. Make sure they explain your use case or they'll get brushed off.

Anyone here figured this out yet, I have some custom java as well that reads custom files, looking how to read the document folder directly?


Hi James,

I know this is a late reply and I'm not sure if you've fixed this issue as yet, but if you div e into the MIVR logs you should see an event like this:


This will occur periodically throughout the log. If you see this line you will also see the full path to the file as per below:

%MIVR-FILE_MGR-6-SYNCHRONIZATION_UPDATE:THREAD:MIVR_FILE_MGR_TYPE_USERDOCUMENT-25-0-FileTypeSyncThread:FileManager RDS to local disk synchronization:,Information=file /opt/cisco/uccx/Documents/User/default/NewFile.ext downloaded.

The path is bolded above.

I hope this helps.