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Paul Gaydos

UCCX 9.0.2 - Post Call Customer Satisfaction Survey

Has anyone ever built a script in UCCX to handle a post call customer satisfaction survey where the user would hear a question and then press 1 for yes, 2 for no, or weigh the service on a scale from 1 - 5?

I am sure something like this is very feasible but not quite sure how or where to start.  Does anyone have any sample scripts or can point me in the right direction for where I might be able to find a script to handle a post call survey.

We are using UCCX 9.0.2 with Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced licensing.





I really appreciate this as it is exactly what I need. I've successfully modified it to have 5 questions with 1-5 and everything is in CUIC. This is not being used with Contact Center yet but just a call that came in via a Call Handler.
The last part I'm trying to report is the transfer extension. Currently Call Variable 3 will show the caller to the trigger (good). However when I call in via a cell to an extension, then transfer to the trigger I see the Cell CLID (good). So what I need to do is also show in a different variable the transferring extension as well so I can tell WHO the rep is to tie to then to the survey. Any thoughts?



The only thing I can think of is if you try using a Get Call Contact Info step at the top of the script and use a variable to grab the Last Redirected Number, which should be the number of the extension that transferred the call in (or at least this is the number that the outside caller dialled). So give that a try and see if it works. You can then Set that new variable into the AgentID variable so that this gets reported properly.


If tried changing the Last Redirected Number and set the variable to agent ID.

Ive even created a different variable and added that to the "Set enterprise call info" but no luck. the Variable 2 field in CUIC shows a " - ".
I feel like Im missing something to make that work.
I was able to add a Get Trigger so I can at least see what Trigger was transferred to.

Worst case each rep has their own trigger but having the transferring extension would help

I should note that the reps transferring to this will not use agent.

Hi Jason,

Is your script adapted to report the agent performance with 1-5 ratings ? I am trying to do it but I am not an expert in scripting. Could you share it with me ? 



Hey Rob how did you get String variables to save to SQL database. I have tried multiple steps including turning off Quoted_identifier with no success. I tried on SQL 2008 and 2012. Thanks in advance! Clement

Hello Rob,

thanks for this very helpful response. I really appreciate someone sharing solutions like this with other engineers.

I am facing very similar customer request: they want to automatically make a post call satisfaction survey with DTMF-based answers and CUIC reportable (Call Custom Variables Report will be sufficient) but the survey has to be placed automatically for example 2 hours later. In other words I need to automatically make a outgoing call to the callers after a specified amount of time (e.g. 2 hours but constant for all surveys). As the call survey should be "time-delayed" from my point of view CCX 11+ PostCallTreatment feature cannot be used.


How to make it with CCX please?

Customer has UCCX 11.6 with Premium license.

Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Jozef, 

We have a post collaboration survey solution that can serve your purpose of dialing a delayed callback survey. You may find the details of the solution here

Let me know if you're interested. 


Hi Paul;

this may be old news to you but CCX 11.5 has a new Post Call ECC feature called PostCallTreatment

I just completed this and it was pretty simple.

To keep it simple without having the build a sql database I created a Post call survey  with 3 questions and captured the data via variables, then built a CUIC variable report, it works great for us.

Hope this helps

Hi Pamwharton 

Thanks for share it and that's good to know that . 

so would you mind to share it how can configure it on CCX 11.5 ? 



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