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Ask Me Anything - October 2020


UCCX ACD question

I have 7 agents that take calls from 8 am to 6 pm. After 6pm there is a night greeting which then allows a caller to leave a vm. during office hours, the phones are not always staffed. they want the ability to forward the calls straight to vm when they are in a departmental meeting for example. How would I accomplish giving them the rights to do this? DND?

UCM 5.1

UCCX 4.5

Unity Connection 1.2


There are a couple of different ways to do this...

- Logged-In User Check - Probably the easiest, but puts the biggest burden on all of the users (and supervisor) for the group.

- You read the Agent Logged In Reporting Statistic, and if it is 0 you re-route the call. (Get Reporting Statistic for Logged-In Resources)

- The team will need to Log Out (this is different from Not Ready) to initiate this change-over. I recommend to my Supervisors that they validate from their Cisco Supervisor Desktop before they leave for the meeting.

- You will want to include this within the Queue Loop as well, so that any call in Queue will get re-directed if everyone goes home for the day.

- Other ways to do this depend on your version of UCCX, but here are some random thoughts (I have standard, so have only done the first one but not for this specific scenario).

- Have them call another script that sets a variable into an XML file. Read that file when the script executes to determine if it is open or closed.

- Have them utilize an HTTP (or phone call) Trigger to set a Database item that you read as part of the script to determine whether it is open or closed.

I hope that helps you...

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