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UCCX Agent database access


Hi at the moment we are on CCX 4.5 enhanced. We are looking at if there is a way of accessing the agent state table to get the current agents ready at any one time. We are not adverse to upgrading to a later version or the premium addition. Some one mentioned you can use web triggers to access this in the profesional version, but cannot find any referances to this. We would like to keep this all CCO compaible. Are there any suggestions or advice where we can see this?



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In my opinion, the "best" way of doing this is having full SQL server (instead of MSDE) and querying the real-time tables in db_cra. Note that you must purchase a Cisco-specific SQL install disc. The CCX Administration guide refers to this as Real-Time Snapshots Config (page 544).

Administration Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR, Release 7.0(1)

The table fields are covered with Schema Guide.

Database Schema Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR, Release 7.0(1)

HTTP Triggers would require premium but this would also work. You would write a script that builds an HTTP document and returns it to the triggering browser.

Note that both of these methods are read-only. You cannot change the agents' state through either of them.


Excellent answer as usual.

One question - is it absolutely necessary to have full SQL rather than MSDE?

I know that it would be alot friendlier as you get the graphical tools arther than just CLI but can you not access the db_cra database remotely if it is in MSDE?

Aplogies for slight thread hijack!

Hi James-

Not at all a hijacking, that sounds on topic to me.

I believe you can do IP-based connections with MSDE if you enable it. I have done this with MSDE on Unity to query the Holiday table for example. The main reason I shy away from it is the MSDE "workload governor" that throttles the engine performance. I get worried about third-party applications causing contention for processing availability which could impact normal operations.

SQL Server Architecture (SQL Server 2000)

The SQL Server 2000 Workload Governor

Otherwise, I cannot find any mention of an official restriction within the CCX documentation.


I would share your concerns re. this.

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