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UCCX Agent Extension Displayed

Just have a quick question, if there any way for calls going to UCCX for an internal queue (in this case the IT Help Desk) not to display the agent number/name on the calling phone?  It would be much better if the trigger information remained or even the CTI port so that the user wasn't able to call back to the extension.

I understand there are some ways we could do this with partitions and CSS's but just not having it display in the first place would be a better solution.


I'm not sure if it matters, but we are using 8845 SIP phones for both the agents and the calling users.

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Hi John,

Hi John,

So you are saying as soon a caller dials the trigger and calls goes to queue ,answered by agent it is showing agent extension on the caller end?

I believe if you set alerting name for CTI port then it should show that number on calling device.

You can also configure display id in CTI port and check .


That's what I had assumed as

That's what I had assumed as well.  I know I had done that with older UCCX servers and older phones and I thought that corrected the issue.  In this case, the caller sees the CTI Port information and then when the agent picks up, they get their information.  Not sure if this would be any different because these are SIP phones (I know the last time I did this is was using 79XX phones).

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I am also using SIP phone's

I am also using SIP phone's for calling party in the lab and it shows whatever is configured on CTI port on my calling device.

Can you take detailed Call manager traces to see what is happening between phone -CUCM-UCCX.

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John what you are

John what you are experiencing there is a default  behaviour, no need to collect logs in this scenario. By default when the call is ringing on Agent Phone, the CTI port information will show up both on agent and caller since it is the CTI port that is actually doing the Consult Transfer to agent DN. As soon as agent picks up the phone, agent will see the actual ANI of caller and caller will see the DNIS. As far as you doing it with previous version of UCCX then you might be some how blocking the agent DN to show up on the caller screen after the call had been answered which I think you will need to do here as well. One thing here to note as well is that once the call is connected to the agent UCCX is out of the picture and any change to ANI/DNIS should be controlled by CM only.

In nutshell, the behavior you are experiencing there is a default one and I really dont think that can be changed since the agent DN is not the direct dialed entry but a consult transfer from the CTI port . I am not in front of my lab right now but when ever I will, surely test this thing and let you know if it is possible or not to apply the transformation in this particular scenario.





The issue with internal calls is that when the call is answered by an agent, the agents extension is shown on calling extension. Until call is answered cti port or general number will be shown.
As far as I know the only way to prevent this is to use partition/css that prevents agents extension number from being shown. Also using 2 lines on agent device and placing agent line in partition that can only be called by CTI ports will solve this.
However it may become easy for users to guess agent id as this would probably somehow match agent extension prefix+agent extension) in some way in order to make it easy for agent to remember it :-)
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Re: UCCX Agent Extension Displayed

Please turn the “Always Display Original Dialed Number " parameter on  CUCM to true to Display the trigger number instead of Agent extension,

Can be found on below location on CUCM
System——>service Parameter——>Cisco callmanager active——>search for "Always Display Original Dialed Number”
Turn the value to True
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