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UCCX Agent Skill Priority Configuration


Hello Guys


Here is the scenario please advise.

Line 1 -> CSQ1 -> Skill1

Line 2 -> CSQ2 -> Skill2

Line 3 -> CSQ3-> SKill3


Agent configuration and their competency levels

Agent1-> SKill 1(10) Skill2 (9) SKill3 (7)

Agent2-> Skill 1(10) SKill2 (9) Skill3 (7)

Agent 3 -SKill 1(10) SKill3 (7)

Agent 4- SKill 2 (9) SKill 3 (7)


My question is, if Agent 1 and 2 are busy will agent 3 will be able to take call from line 1? I'm checking the help in UCCX and what defined there is multiple skills in one queue and balanced with the competency level.I'm trying but unable to receive the call on Agent 3 from line 1, if both Agent 1 and 2 are busy and we have a call in queue for line 1.


Most Skilled—Used for expert agent call distribution. Selects the agent with the highest total competency level. The total competency level is determined by adding the agent's competency levels for each of their assigned skills that are also assigned to the CSQ.

  • Example 1: If Agent1 is assigned Skill1(5), Skill2(6), and Skill3(7) and CSQ1 specifies Skill1(min=1) and Skill3(min=1), the total competency level for Agent1 for CSQ1 is 12.

  • Example 2: If Agent1 is assigned Skill1(5) and Skill2(6) and Skill3(7) and CSQ1 specifies Skill1(min=1), only, the total competency level for Agent1 for CSQ1 is 5.


As all the queues are assigned to different lines and single invidual skills. We dont' have setup like they  multiple skills in one Queue and with competency level defined in Queue for different skills to manage the call on the basis of total priority.



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The way you described your setup shows that Agent 3 can take a call from Line 1.


Double check that Agent 3 is listed in the Printable Report for CSQ1 (it's a button at the top of the CSQ configuration page).  If they show up along side Agents 1 and 2, then be sure Agent 3 can take any call at all, by calling Line 3.

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