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UCCX Agent visibility in Finesse on CSQs they are not member of


I have a customer who have mandated us to build a Contacter Center CSQ and scripts with 2 levels of CSQs. The agents "in" the primary queue are supposed to answer all the calls and only when callers have been waiting too long in the first queue, the call will be dequeued and put in the second queue.

  • Agents in both queues are part of the same UCCX Team
  • The agents "in" the second queue only have the skills to pickup calls in the second queue

Yet they want the agents in the second queue to see in Finesse the status of the primary queue (I guess to see how busy it is) in the "Agent CSQ Statistics Report". But since those secondary agents do not have the skills on the primary CSQ they don't see it in Finesse. As the documentation says:

"The Agent CSQ Statistics Report presents the current day's call queue statistics,since midnight, of the Contact Service Queues (CSQ) to which the agent is associated."


Is there another way to do be able to do this ?

Thank you in advance.


One thing you can try is to assign those agents with lower Competence Level on the first queue as it set with Minimum Competence on the CSQ level.




Thank you for reaching out and trying to help.

That could maybe be an option but looking at how the queue is configured and how they work, with many calls ending up waiting in the first queue, I might endup with calls being send to those while they don't want such behavior.

But as the first queue only takes one type of agent, with one skill and all at the same skill level,  I guess I could try to set the minimum competence level for that unique CSQ skill to 9. Set the skill level of agents who are supposed to pickup the calls with a skill level of 10 and agents from the second queue with a skill of 1.

That's worth trying.


In fact after I tested as I mentionned previously it does not work.

The agent does not see in the Finesse view the CSQ for which he/she does not have the skill level required to participate to it.

It seems there's no simple/built-in solution to this.

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