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UCCX – Agents want to see with IP Phone Agent or CAD # of calls by CSQ and not only total numbers of calls waiting.


My client replaced an UCCE by an UCCX. We have only one port group (300) for all applications used for different agents group in country.  CSQ are configured by skills and one resource (agent) may have more than one skill.  The agent can NOT see the number of calls in each queue they are skilled to

The agent see the TOTAL number of calls on their phone display from all the queues they are skilled to.  Example:
Agent A: has the skill "sales" and "marketing".
Skill "sales" is associated with the CSQ (Contact Service Queue) called "CSQ_sales.
Skill "marketing" is associated with the CSQ (Contact Service Queue) called "CSQ_marketing.

So if:
- There are 3 calls waiting for the "CSQ_sales.
- There is 1 call waiting for the "CSQ_marketing.
With the CAD (Cisco Agent Desktop)
Agent A will see its real-time statistics: 4 calls waiting and not (3 calls in the queue sales + 1 sales call in the queue marketing)
With the CSD (Cisco Supervisor Desktop)
Supervisors can see separate statistics for each CSQ if defined as a supervisor of one or more "teams" with or CSQ are associated with these teams.

Is somebody think about a way for an agent to see numbers of calls waiting by CSQ without develop a special customized application who can search for data on serveur and obtain a Web page on the integrated CAD browser. 

Do you have suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Lise Boyer

Bell Canada

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There are certainly ways of getting the information displayed - as you suggested getting a wallboard app to display in the CAD browser would be a simple way. There are free wallboard apps out there you can try to use as a basis for this.

However - the question I would ask is what are those agents going to do with this information once they have it? They don't have the ability in UCCX to cherry-pick calls, so they aren't able to grab a sales call in preference to a marketing call or vice-versa.

In UCCX it's up to the supervisors/admins to assign skills and design the call routing scripts so that the right calls (if any) are prioritised and are sent to the correct groups. As such the agents only usually need to know if calls are waiting and how many, as they can only answer them in the order the system supplies them.



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