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UCCX Agents with calls stuck on hold

Brian Carscadden

UCCX 8.5.1(SU4) & CUCM 8.6., Agents running CAD.

We're getting reports of agents at one of our remote sites that place calls on hold, and intermittently can't resume from hold. They press resume, but nothing happens. Sound like there could be many possibilities, but I wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone had anyt  thoughts.

Thanks in advance,


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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Brian

Do you have restricted Locations bandwidth to that site?

I'm wondering if on hold removes the bw allocation (as it's no longer streaming to the remote), and then can't unhold as another call has been answered using up the bw allocation?

Where are calls delivered? Remote site or HO?


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Interesting point here Aaron. We'll check on this.

Calls terminate PRI to HQ in NJ, then routed to remote office CAD agents. We only have one site reporting issues like this, so I'm suspecting non-UCCX issue ... but I'm checking here first.



Hi Brian,

If this is the case with all agents even in the HQ , please restart the IP Voice Media Streaming application Service on CUCM .

Routing :

, PSTN => HQ <=RTP=>RemoteOffice Agents .

Please make sure that the link between offices are not fully uitilized .

Thanks Alot,

Ahmed Salah

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