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UCCX & CUIC Report Customisation


The answer to this will probably be no, but though I'd double check with the community or see if someone has some answers.


We're running UCCX 12.0 with its in built CUIC, the CSQ All Fields Report provides us with all the information we require to show to relevant people in the business, however I'm trying to find out if there's a way to enter a date column in the output.


Although I can specify the date range for the report, ideally to have a date column in the report itself for a quick reference or look up would help us out a lot.


On top of this, possibly even when running this report over the time lapse of a week, a daily break down in it would be the best result.


I'm assuming these stock reports can't be manipulated to that degree? I can only find ways of adding/removing the pre-existing fields in the report configuration.


Any help appreciated.

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Just to be clear, you can do it with the system you have, you just likely need temporary access to a standalone system to create the report definition/report you want, and then copy that over to your own system. Good luck.

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Yes, it's possible and without doing any real work I believe both of your requests are possible with UCCX. There are a few caveats. Custom reporting in UCCX will require an external CUIC report in order to develop the report. Additionally, there are some reports which rely on a stored procedure which is a bit more complicated to customize those, but still possible.



I was hoping it might be possible within the in built CUIC software that comes with UCCX, but seems very limited and can't really add further columns to the stock reports. Unless I'm missing something entirely, so it seems only possilbe with an 'outside the box' solution to interrogate the UCCX DB and generating custom reports on some other platform.

You can likely do it with CUIC as @david.macias mentioned, no need for another platform, but you need to have the standalone CUIC server (or have access to a sandbox/other system).

So basically define the report you want on that system, save it/export it, and then import it into your system.
Here's a link that outlines some of the major steps.

Cheers for the response Bill, but yeah I'm just referring to the CUIC that comes in built with UCCX. So I guess over all its a no, thanks for the responses guys.