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Ahmed habib

UCCX AXL Integration with CUCM error unknown hostAXL found


I installed UCCX 12.5 SU1 and try to integrate with CUCM 11.5 SU9 that is supported as per Cisco Matrix but I found error failed unknown Host AXL found

I exchanged CUCM Cluster tomcat certificate to UCCX & Checked Axl on CUCM and running fine then tried the bellow with no luck:

- Try assign super user privilege to app user beside Axl group

-  Try test with admin user

- restart UCCX

- Try different  browsers


Sometimes it prompts error access denied due to security purposes.

There is a firewall between cucm and uccx but I tested port 8443 and fine and we already opened IP to IP communication.

DNS and domain name are configured on UCCX, DNS only without domain name is added on cucm ?

Is it mandatory for uccx to resolve cucm name & IP and vice versa or just configuring dns on both ? Am i missed anything or there is anything to check?

I am trying to get packet capture from uccx but will take time and I need to solve this problem ASAP


One thing I know about uccx is that it likes dns a lot. Make sure you have
both sides resolve each other to be on a safe side.
I have uccx 12.0 and cucm 11.5su9 and they are working fine. When I
integrated it with cucm ,I entered the cucm admin username and password and
it worked fine.
May be you can try open port 443 as well but 8443 should work fine

Hello Kolin,

Thanks for your follow.

Can you share the point that cucm should resolve UCCX and vice versa as I can't find it in guide and already we have another system running they don't resolve each others.

Also I tried admin credentials but didn't work

(a) Using RTMT pull the Cisco AXL Web Service Logs on the UCM to see if the UCCX AXL request is even hitting it.

(b) Using RTMT pull the MADM logs on the UCCX (I think this captures AXL requests).  See  

(c) Ask the firewall team if they see any denials in the firewall logs from the source address of the UCCX server.

(d) Ask the firewall team if they see any denials in the firewall logs with the destination of the Call Manager.


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