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UCCX CAD not failing over

Clifford McGlamry
Rising star
Rising star

Agents are all CAD.  Finesse is not in use in the environment. 

Customer has a UCCX 10.6 installation with the AXL list setup as:



JTAPI and RMCM server lists are set up as:




Customer has found that if the CUCM subscriber is rebooted, CAD forces the agents out with an error, returns them to the login dialog, and they cannot log in.  

I have asked for, but have not yet gotten, the CAD log files.  

Has anyone ever heard of or seen this before?




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Does PostInstall.exe have both CCX modes defined on the agent’s PC?

Was the CCX standby node fully IN_SERVICE before rebooting the master?

PS- A reminder that CAD/CSD is past end of SW Maint at this point. The customer really needs to transition to Finesse before some MS patch modifies a DLL that breaks CAD.

It's not the UCCX server that is getting rebooted.  Those are staying on line.  It's the CUCM Subscriber that is the primary server for JTAPI and RMCM, and secondary for AXL.  If it gets rebooted, agents get kicked out and can't do anything until that CUCM subscriber comes back on line.


Agree on Finesse.  That's a different issue. 

Oops, I misread the post. That's what I get for responding between sets at the gym.

I'm not surprised that agents get logged out when the CTI subscription of their device is disrupted. The question is why they can't sign back in while the CUCM subscriber is offline. Assuming the phones failover to the CUCM publisher and re-register, when was the last time CTI Manager on the pub was restarted? Do the CTI Ports and Triggers register to the pub while the sub is offline?
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