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 is any new features in callback behavior in UCCX rls 11?


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thank you, this was very helpful

Hi Deepak,

what is happening when agent make an unsuccessful call back. Can call be queued again for the second chance of callback?


Thank you

When you say when agent make an unsuccessful call back, you mean agent pressed 2 to connect to an agent and is not able to connect for any reasons or call goes RNA

That call is over from UCCX perspective then, it cannot be queued again for callback. OD can do this tough.



I know this thread is somewhat outdated but wanted to see if anyone can shed some light about the callback script from Cisco Repository. I've deployed a variation of it but keeping pretty much all the callback functionality as is. The issue I'm running into is that after some time, i get an error in RTMT svc logs saying max steps of 1,000 reached. When I debug the main script, I see that after the Place Call, it loops through the agent prompt to press any key and eventually reaches the max steps. I tried changing this from a Get Digit String to a Menu Prompt so I can go beyond the 10 sec max timeout. However, from what  customer is telling me that if we put say 60 seconds for timeout, their agents can't seem to press any key. Could be a bug but I will test in my lab. Anyway, trying to get some suggestions on how others have handled this especially for cases where it will take as much as 45 minutes for the callback queues to be connected to an available agent due to call load. TIA

You can add a longer hold in the session hold script, but that only buys you some time. Ultimately in a long enough timeline this will ultimately fail again. I suggest you move this functionality to the dialer.


I have the same issue, and I am thinking to change the max number of steps to 2000.

is anybody know what can be the issue with that?

I did test and it looks fine for me. I got longer waiting time in the call back script.

So, it should generally be ok, but I believe I've heard that you might run into some system memory issues, you might want to ask TAC about it though.


Hi Deepak,


I know this is pretty old but I am looking for some help with the BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef script.

I am not sure if this is the same problem as the one you had but maybe you can see what I am doing wrong. 


After the user has waited in the queue for a certain amount of time, he/she is presented with a menu option wherein they can press 1 just to leave a message or 2 for a callback along with a message.

When the caller press 2, he/she records the message followed by dropping the call. 

my under standing is that the caller number and message are put in the call back script to wait for an agent. I don't see this happen nor do I see a waiting call in the call back queue, I think i am losing this call somewhere. 

I have included a copy of both scripts, I appreciate any help you can give me.


Thank you,


Does the provided BaseLineAdvQueuing script that people are talking about work with 11.6.1?

I am having issues with it presenting a call back to an agent. Seems related to the upgrade to 11.6.1.


Currently running UCCX 11.6.1. We previously had a call back script running back in 2014 but the script that utilized the feature has been drastically changed. The callback script work as far as prompting for callback or VM but no callback is delivered to the agent. I downloaded, configured and have the BaseLineAdvQueuingscript in in place and again it works, mostly. I can Q up a call deliver to the agent and that all works fine. I even get to the prompt that asks for VM or call back options. I can enter the callback number and everything seems fine but when I go ready with the agent the call back or VM never delivers. In fact those calls report as abandoned in the call stats. I believe all the variables are correct, triggers (maybe, thought I saw something about them needing different call control groups?). Not sure what I am missing here. Its almost like the callback number and that info isnt being delivered or even recorded. Only other thing I did was change the name of the scripts. Not sure if there is a reference in the main script to the original names?

Thanks for any help or thoughts.

Ammara Bokhari
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Level 4

We have a product to handle callback requests received from various channels such as IVR and web. The solution works on top of Cisco Outbound dialer. The module for IVR callbacks works such that a pre-built IVR script takes the callback number from the customer on IVR and sends it to the callback server. The callback server then pushes the contact to a CCX Callback campaign. You can have a CSQ of agents with the skill to handle callback requests. Also, you can handle call failed scenarios such as redialing the same number after 60 minutes if the customer did not pick up the call.


Let me know if you're interested to discuss this further.

Hi alexgrinberg

Visit our website to learn more about the callback solution offered by ExpertFlow for CCX: 

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