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 is any new features in callback behavior in UCCX rls 11?


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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is nothing new in v11 as far as callback feature is concerned. It was never available natively with UCCX in previous releases and is even not with v11 UCCX as well. You will still need to do this using Custom Scripting as you used to do in previous UCCX releases.

Post Call Treatment had added natively to UCCX starting v11 for sending the calls to Survey Script once the calls ends. Take a look at the below Release Notes for v11 that provide complete list of New and Updated features:



Thank you 

can you please tell me what the name of the example script for the callback? is it icd_leave_msg.aef?

BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef available at the below link that serves the purpose of Callback functionality



Thank you Deepak,

I have one more question,

What will be the agent behavior in this scenario? Is agent dial call back number manually or click to call?

If you're using the example then the agent pressing 1 to call back the customer. I personally recommend that if you have the license to use the outbound feature on UCCX to do this for you.


Not sure David if your answer was from the perspective of BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef script or some other. But in this particular script BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef, agent need to press 2 in order to connect to the customer unless you make changes to the script as per your requirements.

After the user has waited in the queue for a certain amount of time, he/she is presented with a Menu option (Line 24 as opened in my Script Editor) wherein they can press 1 just to leave a message or 2 for a callback along with a message.

When the caller press 2, he/she records the message followed by dropping the call. After this agent is selected as a result of Place Call step (Line 53 as opened in my Script Editor) and then the agent is prompted to press any digit using Get Digit String step (Line 56 as opened in my Script Editor) on their phone to listen to the recorded message. After this agent is presented with a Menu option (Line 61 as opened in my Script Editor) wherein he/she can press 1 to listen to the message again and 2 for connecting to the caller.

You can definitely change what agent should press in order to listen to the message or for callback as per your requirements but the BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef script without any changes being done to it present the option of call back when agent press 2.



You're right as for the example. I use my strip down version for customers who want this functionality and aren't willing to go with the outbound dialer option.


Thank you David for suggestion of outbound dialer, do you have any examples of this call flow or script?

  1. Develop a IVR application which will accept call back request and invoke it from uccx script Ex: if waiting time is more than x minutes/seconds


  1. Once the request is captured in IVR , push the info to uccx dialer  by invoking the we service . 
  1. Run the call back campaign and push to agent . 


  1. CUIC reports can be used for this else you can create a custom report . 

Wow, talk about simplifying a very complex process...

Step 1) Draw a circle

Step 2) Draw the rest of the Owl

But seriously, there is *a lot* more to this solution if you're looking to tap into the UCCX API and programmatically add contacts to an Outbound campaign.

And before you go down that rabbit hole, you need to understand that inbound calls take priority over outbound calls.

So, if your call center group has queued calls all day long, then this solution will never present an outbound contact to your Agents.  You'd need a whole separate team of Agents handling just outbound callbacks.

With the classic Place Call step solution, the call is actually an inbound call (albeit from UCCX itself), and therefore is treated fairly with other inbound calls.

Dear Anthony and Deepak,

I deployed uccx call feature is smiliar to your Advancqueue.aef. I have observed that the call in the queue does not stay more than an hour before the Agent grabs the waiting call. When customers call outside the Business hours,they will get the request call back option.When the Agent logs in on the next day,he/she won't see the waiting call. How best can I get this done?


I have been trying to understand the outbound feature in the uccx. Some folks say the feature is there for 'fancy'. To me,the outbound feature is to provide call back features for Agent to customers using campaigns. I still need more explanation on the outbound feature set up.


Do you advise I open a new thread for the above issues?

There are two bottle necks here:

  1. CUCM Maximum Call Duration (Default 12 Hours)
  2. UCCX Maximum Executed Steps (Default 1,000)

If you raise either or both of these, you will see that you will get longer durations on your queued calls.  Actually, you could lower the number of steps which you are executing, by stretching out your loop.  I just recently gave an example of this here:

Thanks. I will try it out.