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UCCX Calls Back

Souley Diaby
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Can someone please lights this up for me ? I am running UCCX version 12.0 with 100 agents. I have 75 premium licenses for 20 agents that are actively login to finesse. We implemented call feature when agents are busy, callers can leave a call back number, we noticed only 25 calls back are allowed no more. Any reason why ? is there a maximum limit ? Do i missing something ?



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Gerry O'Rourke

The 100 Agent OVA UCCX Profile supports a max of 100 IVR ports - as is documented here:




So this is the max the Virtual "hardware" can support.


You seem to have purchased 75 Premium Agent Licenses?

So this could entitle you to 75 x 2 IVR Enhanced IVR ports, which is 150




So one thing is obvious - is that ideally you should be using the 300 agent profile hardware is you wanted to avail of all IVR ports you are entitled to, however it looks like you might not need more than 100 IVR ports? If so the 100 Agent Profile OVA is fine.


So then why is it maxing out at 25 concurrent ports?

Maybe you just need to configure more CTI ports?

Have a look at the config on UCCX and CUCM and confirm how many Inbound CTI ports are configured.




i have 3 call control group configured

one CCG for testing i have 10 inbound CTI ports

second CCG for production i have 100 inbound CTI ports

lastly one CCG for call back i have 50 inbond CTI ports

Do i need to purchase more premium licenses seat ? let say 100 premium seat that will give me 200 ivr ports.


Thank you



So there is 100 Inbound ports for this callback app?

As recommended by 'shahabkaz', did you confirm at the CCX "Callback" application level - what the max sessions are set to?






Souley, you need to clarify how many licensed IVR ports you have. Pull down System menu and then click License Information -> Display License(s) - copy and paste here the Configured Licenses: portion

how is the server built - which OVA was used - Is this single-server or HA installation

What is the maximum concurrent calls you get

Hi Shahabkazi,

below is the license


Configured Licenses:

Package: Cisco Unified CCX Premium

Total IVR Port(s): 100

Cisco Unified CCX Premium Seat(s): 75[ Permanent =0 Seats. Temporary = 75 Seats

Cisco Unified CCX Preview Outbound Dialer: Enabled

Cisco Unified CCX Maximum Agents: 100


Available Inbound IVR Port(s): 100

Outbound: (Predictive and Progressive only)

Cisco Unified CCX Licensed Outbound IVR Port(s): 100

Cisco Unified CCX Outbound IVR Port(s) In Use: 0

Cisco Unified CCX Licensed Outbound Agent Seat(s): 100

Cisco Unified CCX Outbound Agent Seat(s) In Use: 0

Level 1
Level 1


I am assuming you are using a separate application for the callback. You can increase the "maximum number of sessions" for the application. Make sure the "maximum number of sessions" is the same or unchecked (default) value on the trigger also.

I was told callback call consumes 2 ports in UCCX while queued. is that the reason why my limit is 25 ?



I do not know how your Callback app works - but does it stay in the queue and when an agent becomes available - calls back the customer?


If so this is going to take both an inbound and outbound port.


Also if this is the case - you would not want it to take more 25 calls, as otherwise it could block other inbound calls?

You could likely increase this somewhat.


Have you reviewed the max sessions of the callback application itself? If detail what this is set to  / give a screen shot of the Callback Application setup from UCCX.