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UCCX Calls Offered and Handled in system before Agent logs in

Some users on Finesse are reporting that their call stats are off before they log in to the system. Before they start their shift, the supervisor will login to look at the Team Data they are seeing under the "Calls Offered" and "Calls Handled" as showing 4 or 5 calls with a time in the "Not Ready Time" column as well. See attached image highlighted portion.

Our system is setup for 8a - 5p and no users are logged into the system outside of these hours. System is designed to go to voicemail for that location.


My question is - Why are these calls showing up for the agent if they never actually received/handled the call?


UCCX - 10.6.1

VIP Mentor

If it's a fact that no one was logged in, then it sounds like a an issue maybe with time on the server perhaps.

Can you SSH to the UCCX publisher and subscriber and check the time?

  • show date
  • utils ntp status
  • utils ntp config

Thanks Anthony, we did start looking at the timezones and noticed that is where the issue is starting. Our TZ for the script are setup correctly and working. 

What is happening is the Reporting database timezone is using GMT/UTC and this is causing our PST locations to have an hour of over lap during the night. Example - User calls PST site on 11/11 at 4:30p PST but the call will show up on the daily report as 11/12 at 12:30a. This is throwing off our reporting. Our servers are in the CST timezone. 


Would there be a simple solution to have the reports be directed towards the location timezone? 

I've read somewhere that if you update the timezone, Cisco needs to issue a new license. 




Yeah, the fields are listed here, if changed, will require something called a rehost, of your license file.  However, you do get a 30 day grace period to do this, so it's not like it just fails completely.

Now, I'm not certain you're going to want to change your server timezone, as the reporting will still be in GMT; that's just how it's stored.  The timezone offset is calculated at the time you run a report, and is based off the user running the report.

Perhaps you can look at the user in question and see if their timezone is set in CUIC correctly.