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UCCX: Could not update the user on the Cisco Unified CM.


I have come across an issue which I am not sure how to resolve. This is a working environment and I have clients setup on UCCX and working fine. But I went to add another a new client today and created a new application which is same as the other scripts but when I went to Add a new trigger I got the error 'Could not update the user on the Cisco Unified CM'.

I have checked route plan report and made sure the DN is inactivate. But not sure what else I can look into.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee

Can you go to CM Administration >> User Management >> User Settings >> Credential Policy Default >> Default Credential Policy (Application User) and send a screenshot of that



Here you go Deepak, screenshot attached.


This looks good. Go to CUCM >> Call Routing >> Route Plan Report and find a DN that should not exist there already. now use this DN for creating the CTI Route Point on UCCX and see if it works or not. If not, then go for a CTI Manager service restart in the after hours and that should clear this issue. BTW, what is that status of Cisco Unified CCX Engine (Partial, IN Service etc) when you go to Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability >> Tools >> Network Services



Thanks Guys for your help on this.

I tried all that you guys advised so I ended up getting in contact with Cisco TAC support to have a look and even he said everything looks fine but after having a word with one of his seniors we end up doing a data Resync and its started working (Trigger was added without error)

On UCCX navigate to subsystems >>  Cisco Unified CM Telephony >> Data Synchronization. 

Then select the CM Telephony User(s) option then select Data Resync.

I also Re-synced Trigger(s) and Call Control Group(s).

Hope this is useful for any else that has the same issue I did.

Hi Deepak,


I'm running into the kind of similar issue.

There is a Trigger created in CCX but is not showing up in CUCM.

When I checked in CUCM, there is a DN already created and assigned to 5 phones but is in different partition.

Could the issue be due to this DN or it shouldn't matter because that DN is in a different partition?

Note: CCX is complaining about that Trigger and Unified Telephony subsystem is in Partial service.


Thank you 


Check the "Credential Policy Configuration" and make sure the Credential Expires after (days) is set to Never Expires

and/or Try changing your Credential Policy (Application User)

Tick the Does Not Expire box

Its possible the system wants you to change the password.


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