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UCCX creating new reports

   I am involved in a UCCX implemetation which obviously includes CUIC, i need to create a couple of new reports for my customer.

I have learned quit quickly that this is completey different to CUIC UCCE Premium, and i believe that things sucah as report definitions do not exisit! Can someone advise how I go about creating a new report - how do I create what would have been the report definition in UCCE Premium.

I have downloaded all the documentation, however if someone can give me a quick symopsis of what to do and how this differs from UCCE Premium, I would be grateful.

thanks Sarah

Rising star

There are two versions of CUIC, Standard and Premium.

Standard will let you customize reports but only Premium will let you create a new report. You can only create or load new SQL queries on Premium.

CCX comes with CUIC Standard and cannot be upgraded to Premium.

If you want to create new reports for CCX you must get hold of a CUIC premium which you need to load as a separate system. Once you have loaded and licensed your CUIC premium you can point a data source to your CCX system, create your SQL and your new reports. You can then export them from your Premium and import them to your CUIC on CCX.

If you are a Cisco partner you can buy a NFR premium license for $500 US list. You can also go to Cisco licensing and get a 60 day evaluation Premium license.

If you are not a Cisco partner then expect to pay more



If you're handy with SQL, you can also use the UCCX database dictionary and the HRuser account to pull data from the UCCX database and then manipulate it with SQL.


Thanks Graham someone else had told me the same thing, however i didn't really understand what they were getting at however you have made it much clearer.

One question I do have, is we have 2 lab systems. 1 is UCCX CUIC and the 2nd is UCCE CUIC Premium, would I be able to add a data source (UCCX) to the my Premium platform and work on it from there?

If so that may be the answer to my prayers!


Yes, you need to setup an Informix data source on your UCCE CUIC Premium pointing to your CCX system.

Do you know how to connect to the CCX database?



I am just trying it now - bit of trial and error, however I am sure I will get it :-)



You must set the password for the “Historical Reporting User” it's in appadmin Tools/Password Management

If this a HA system you must login to both servers and set the password, it’s not automatically propagated across.

Then in your data source set the database user id to: uccxhruser with the password you set.

You must then work out the instance name. This is the host name converted to lower case with _uccx on the end. To check your host name login to the cli on your CCX publisher and enter: show status.

If your host name is CCX9Lab then your instance would be ccx9lab_uccx

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That is brilliant have rated :-) - just need to confirm the port address then hopefully I am good to go :-)

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